Saturday, August 15, 2009

What To Do If You Are Done But...

I got a message from someone today that asked what to do if you have everything but the couple of gifts from shops not registered...

Hold on till Sunday. I am sorry, but Bizet has assured me that the gift boxes for the "bonus" boxes will be given to me on that day. It may take a few days after that, but I will know more then.

The final box will be set out then, and you will get a location to the bonus gifts.

As for the missing shops.... I am working on that right now. I will be helping one of the owners set up within the hour, and another set up within the next few. But I have to hurry, because I have to go to church in the morning and am half asleep. But since getting them won't unlock the final box until I have received it, there is no worry just yet.

Thank you for your patience.

Happy Hunting!

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