Friday, August 28, 2009

Nothing New Yet.... But Checking In & Updating You

Just a quick update.... I had a doctor's appointment EARLY this morning, then had to run errands, get the new meds, shampoo my poor sick doggie with her new medicine shampoo, all those types of things that pretty much took the whole day.

I've only now, almost midnight, gotten a chance to look at the computer. And unfortunately I don't see any cards, or e-mails, or inventory offers from #42 or it's helper. So I can't update that one for you yet.

And I can't get in-world now. I have church in the morning. I will try to get on in the afternoon and see how we are coming with the bonus gifts. Hopefully they will be all out by Sunday, but that all depends on when the shop owners nice enough to give an extra gift, gets on. Otherwise, I will be on briefly Saturday night, or first thing Sunday morning.

I hope you all are having fun! See you all in-world! Until then... Happy Hunting!

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