Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm SO sorry but..... oh and a Side Note

No no no! I'm not about to say I'm sorry BUT the bonus area isn't going to be. NO! We already have 18 shops with another 32 promised.

THAT is what I am sorry about. I think that I got it out late, so those that aren't able to get on on the weekend, it was already too late. Those that can, they are the ones that got the gifts out.

Whatever the issue, I had HOPED that all of them would be out by Monday. But I looked at all the shops that said they'd have a bonus gift, and it was MORE then the 50% I thought. But almost ALL of them! ALMOST. 50 said yes, of the 73.

So, starting first thing tomorrow morning, some of the helpers will be messaging and IMing and texting and leaving note cards and running around trying to reach those shop owners. ;)

As SOON as it is ready, the bonus area will be opened. I could open it now, but then you'd have to come back. ;) So hold on, a few more days. And do NOT worry, like I promised, the bonus area will be put out for a MONTH from the time it is out so that those that had to go away for a trip or whatever, will get the chance to get the bonus gifts.

So just hold on... it's coming. And will be SO worth the wait!

Now... on the side note, Bizet, the scripter, has told me she may not ever come back to SL when I tried to get one of the working scripts so I could run the hunt again later. So that is one less bonus gift, but also it means that whatever is going on... we will just have to suck it in.

Yes, some of the scripts, NO IDEA WHY, are getting caught in busy mode or something. Just let someone know, a helper from this site, and we will get it re-set as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your continued support during all this...
Happy Hunting!

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