Saturday, August 8, 2009

Heading To Bed but...

Okay, Aster is now another blogger here. She's agreed to post any broken spots or places she runs into while checking the locations.

Hopefully the scripter will get on tomorrow, no idea why she didn't today, but when she finally got on yesterday it was only for a short time to begin, then later got on and got one of them problems fixed. However, as I've said before, before the HUD can start counting the locations, I need all the shops to finish registering. And since I just found out there is one that won't be around till Sunday... Hunters, the hud will start counting by Monday, knock on wood. BUT remember, it still is counting the places.

Also, if you have isses with anything, if you crash while getting a gift, or you get an empty folder, let someone one. There are helpers listed in this blog and ther is me. Till later...


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