Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Up And Working - Need Me?

Well, for those of you that need to reach me and I am not in SL right now... You CAN find me on Twitter. Tiea_Aeon. Don't have Twitter? No worries, I have MSN and Yahoo and ICQ. So leave me a note card inworld and I'll get you added to one of those. Not publising it up here because I don't want to, but because I can't remember my login! ;) I THINK it's my e-mail. secondlife (at) So if you need me, try those to find me. Otherwise, I'll be logging into SL soon. I am checking something out before I do, and then when I do I have a LOT LOT LOT of work to get done in the next 6 hours before the scripter gets on. But you all know I will help you if you need it. And if you aren't sure... talk to your helper. You should know who it is by now.

See you all soon!

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