Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bonus Boxes Will Be Filled!

Well, I spent 10 hours today working on the scripts. I would have spent more but I had to take my dog to the vet. Of course by the time I spent that time and they STILL would not work... I have given up.

I have thrown in the towel.

The scripter can't get the hud to work and I can't get the second "hunt" site to work, she told me it should from what she saw, so we have NO idea why it isn't... and a friend who was trying to see why it wasn't working hasn't been able to get the scripts/boxes to stop talking to each other.

So... How am I going to deal with this?

There is ONE script that does work. It is the script for the final box. It would normally have looked to see if you completed the hunt, then given you the new hud and landmark to the special area. The new hud was then to open the special boxes. BUT since that isn't working....

ALL the gift boxes will use the final bonus gift script.

What does this mean? It means that it may take you twice as long as normal to get the gifts. But it won't take forever, just a little bit longer... Because what will happen, all people who complete the hunt will get the LM to the final location. They will go there, and touch the first box... It will ask the web site if you have completed the hunt...When the web site tells it you have, then it will give you the gift box.

Then you go to the next gift and it starts all over.

Yes, this is a bit of a pain, which is why I worked with the scripter for 2 weeks and worked on the scripts myself, and like I said, I'm pretty stupid when it comes to scripts, but I knew what things should look like when given the script to change for the new one, to an extent. But since my knowledge was no where near what was needed to find the problem, and two people who worked on it couldn't fix it or make it work... There isn't many options left for me.

Oh there are a few other options, all of which will take me HOURS and HOURS to impliment. Where as this will only take you an average of maybe an extra hour, probably a lot less, to do it this way.

And after all, they will all be in the same place so you can walk down the rows of tables and touch each gift and accept them as it comes to you. Not very hard, just a little more time consuming. ;)

So, as soon as all the shops giving bonus gifts have the boxes filled and put out at the new location, I will be letting everyone know. May take a few days, but I want to make sure each shop who was going to give them gets that chance, and the ones that decided to now, who weren't before, get the chance. So that when you get there, all of them are out and you don't have to come back and check later. ;)

Till then... Happy Hunting!

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