Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Sorry, No New Hud Today - But Note...

Okay, here is what happened. I got on and talked to the scripter tonight. I found out that the HUD needs to be updated. That everyone has version .5 and that the HUD is now 1.0. I asked her to please give me the giver/joiner so that I could send it out to all the people. She said that she gave it to me. However, I wasn't in SL at the time. So when I got in, it was not there. Not from before when I was supposed to have gotten it and nothing tonight.

So the bad news is, until she gives it to me, I'll try to get it again tomorrow, I can't give it to everyone else. And until everyone can get it, they can't count right.

So for now, please keep ignoring the numbers on the HUD. It will be fixed soon.

She also gave me something else to give out to everyone.... A note.

Since I can't send a note here, I will just paste her note here for you:

To all involved in the Summer Fun Hunt.
If you have issues with the timing or performance of the scripts in the treasure or HUD, please bring them to me. Tiea Aeon hired me to write the scripts and I failed to deliver. I could regale you with RL issues that have kept me away but excuses will not change the fact that I was late and it was buggy. I wish all of you a wonderful second life

Bizet Sorbet.

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