Friday, August 21, 2009

Going To Bed - Got ANOTHER Doctor's Appointment in the PM

Ok folks! I've got to get to bed. Though it IS 2 am. Hee hee. And my eyes are BURNING from staring at the screen for so many hours... but I have been doing things for the hunt.

First off... the scripts were tested, and don't work. I've got a message into Bizet about it and I'm looking at other ways to get this accomplished by the time Monday rolls around.  If her scripts do not work by then, then I have a few options that I worked on that will be VERY VERY time consuming for me, but will at least allow everyone to get up to the Bonus Gift House and grab a ton of great gifties! ;)  So send up a prayer that she gets it working.  For some reason when I saw her, it worked for me, but like last night, it only worked for me. A friend couldn't get it to work for her.  It's crazy!  But I haven't given up. ;)

Secondly I have to get up in time for the doctor's appointment. It's my pain doctor, so very important.  I actually have two pain doctor's but this one is for my morphine. So can't miss him!  Today's pain doctor was for my shoulder and back and stimulants to help counter all the other crud that is going on... which I won't bore you with the details about. ;)

Thirdly.... I am happy to say that there are more and more that are finishing up the hunt! Whoo hoo!  Almost 900 have registered, and not sure how many have finished yet, but it's a lot! With even more finishing as they get those final 3 that just registered.

Hunters... we do not have hints here, but you can find them via HUNT2HUNT group and the Hunt Locations blog. But I have no idea how good it is, because I know that a lot of the vendors move their umbrellas.  So if you have a problem, go to the Hunters' group (HUNT2HUNT - links available at almost all locations near the sign up posters) and ask someone in there. I know that several people there have great help and hints.

Now, I do not know when I can catch Bizet on, my doctor's appointment is right after noon, and that's when she gets on to catch me during her lunch break. So I probably will miss her. But I should be able to catch her in the evening.  I missed her this evening because I couldn't get home from my other doctor's in time.  Sucked! 

Need any help that you can't get from the Hunter's group, go to one of the "Helpers" listed on the left.  They are there to help you, no matter the problem. :)

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