Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Regarding How The Hunt Works

I was just going over the posts, adding some labels to past ones that all they said was "NEWS", wanting to make sure that people could find certain things when needed, like if they are only for vendors or helpers... and ran across this comment.

juliannasong said...

I just hope, Tiea, that all we vendors keep the above rules in mind when we select hiding places. I have done hunts which are organised in this way and become very frustrated when I have found say 17/18 items, and the last item I just cannot find.
Often I have left that hunt and returned to one that is more immediately rewarding, where the prizes are available as soon as I find the item sought. As a consolation could prizes be available every so many stops, as an incentive to keep going?
From my expenice of Hud-counted hunts, I hazard a guess that could be built in.
Just my two cents worth - as an avatar addicted to hunting.
fivesinger Zenovka (Juliannasong)

First off... I hope and pray that everyone keeps within the rules. That they keep the items EASY to find and that they keep it within 20 meters (which if you lay out two 10 meter boards shows you just how big a space that can be) of the landing spot (or of their shop should the landing point be a central landing place). Because everything is coming down so close to the wire, as we go around and check for the boxes before the hunt, if this rule has been followed, the helpers and I won't have a problem locating them.

Second... The prizes will be at each location. It will be like any other hunt. You touch the box and get a gift with a new landmark. The only difference is that the hud will then register how many locations you have been to, how many gifts you still have to get, and if you have gotten them all or not. And the last location you were at, so you can keep track when you come back to it. Each shop will have a gift. At the end of the hunt there is a big room that I have designed where those shop owners that have agreed to supply another gift will come and put their gift down. This room can be accessed by anyone, but you can't get the location unless you finish the hunt. And you can get the new hud unless you finish the hunt. Because the final box ONLY gives it's contents if you have touched allllll the boxes before it.

I know that this was an issue with banning. If for some reason you are banned from a sim, then the hunter needs to talk to me. We will work on a way to get that one for them. :)

I hope that this helps ease your fears. You will still get gifts along the way, and can still stop at any time. But only if you get all the gifts do you get the final gifts.

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