Wednesday, August 19, 2009

IMPORTANT Update & Information!

ALL the shops are now registered. If you have the NEW HUD (version 1.0) and it used to say you had completed it, if it was any stores less then 73, then it now will say you have NOT completed. Because the last shop, #48, registered today.

A warning about #48 - Yasmine was NOT the shop in there, she graciously gave another gift to fill the spot. So when you go there, remember, you were there before. She's also #6. So look for the SECOND unbrella. And if you happen to be new and get them both at the same time, just remember to follow #6's LM first, then later use the LM in #48.

One other shop has two. #66 is UPSTAIRS. Before when you went there, you were downstairs. She has TWO shops, two different kinds of gifts. And yes, she added #66 because we had a store drop out right before the hunt started after all the numbers were already assigned. So she was nice enough too to give another gift to keep the numbers in order. :)

So, you thought you finished but it says you haven't? Make sure you have the shops that registered last: #22, #48, & #72. If you have these shops, but it still says that you have NOT completed the hunt, then send a note card to me (Tiea Aeon) or Jasmine Princess. We can check the shops you have been to and let you know which one you are missing.

About #73: I understand that some have gotten the wrong LM to the location. There is a PG side and an adult side. The wrong LM was in #72 by accident. However, that has been fixed. The blog has the right location and her's has it now too.

I have a report that #33. I'm going to check it out when I get in, and I know that one of the helpers have left a note card with the owner. So give it a day.

.... And the scripter just got online, so have to stop here. More to come later, but this will help you now. ;)

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