Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm SO sorry but..... oh and a Side Note

No no no! I'm not about to say I'm sorry BUT the bonus area isn't going to be. NO! We already have 18 shops with another 32 promised.

THAT is what I am sorry about. I think that I got it out late, so those that aren't able to get on on the weekend, it was already too late. Those that can, they are the ones that got the gifts out.

Whatever the issue, I had HOPED that all of them would be out by Monday. But I looked at all the shops that said they'd have a bonus gift, and it was MORE then the 50% I thought. But almost ALL of them! ALMOST. 50 said yes, of the 73.

So, starting first thing tomorrow morning, some of the helpers will be messaging and IMing and texting and leaving note cards and running around trying to reach those shop owners. ;)

As SOON as it is ready, the bonus area will be opened. I could open it now, but then you'd have to come back. ;) So hold on, a few more days. And do NOT worry, like I promised, the bonus area will be put out for a MONTH from the time it is out so that those that had to go away for a trip or whatever, will get the chance to get the bonus gifts.

So just hold on... it's coming. And will be SO worth the wait!

Now... on the side note, Bizet, the scripter, has told me she may not ever come back to SL when I tried to get one of the working scripts so I could run the hunt again later. So that is one less bonus gift, but also it means that whatever is going on... we will just have to suck it in.

Yes, some of the scripts, NO IDEA WHY, are getting caught in busy mode or something. Just let someone know, a helper from this site, and we will get it re-set as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your continued support during all this...
Happy Hunting!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nothing New Yet.... But Checking In & Updating You

Just a quick update.... I had a doctor's appointment EARLY this morning, then had to run errands, get the new meds, shampoo my poor sick doggie with her new medicine shampoo, all those types of things that pretty much took the whole day.

I've only now, almost midnight, gotten a chance to look at the computer. And unfortunately I don't see any cards, or e-mails, or inventory offers from #42 or it's helper. So I can't update that one for you yet.

And I can't get in-world now. I have church in the morning. I will try to get on in the afternoon and see how we are coming with the bonus gifts. Hopefully they will be all out by Sunday, but that all depends on when the shop owners nice enough to give an extra gift, gets on. Otherwise, I will be on briefly Saturday night, or first thing Sunday morning.

I hope you all are having fun! See you all in-world! Until then... Happy Hunting!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yes, we will be extending the hunt till the 14th. And the gift area (bonus gifts) will be out for at least a month from the time that it is finished set up. That way everyone gets a chance, those that have to go on trips for work and all that stuff, to get their bonus gifts.

Happy Hunting!

#42 is Broken

#42 is broken... Sorry, but we have to wait till the store owner gets on so she can re-set the script.


The boxes have been handed out. The script is working, thank you Cammi Hudson! And everything is working...

Vendors are getting the gifts out...

So, just a matter of waiting till all the boxes are out, then I'll set up the hud giver. ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Almost There!

Okay, not going to go into huge details, I'm sure you're getting bored of them, but will say that a friend helped with the scripts and got them fixed... well sort of. They worked when she was there, then I tested them when she left with an alt and it wasn't working. So I think I got the wrong script from her. Not sure, so waiting till morning to send out the boxes as I just got done finishing the list of shops that are giving bonus gifts.

You will ALL be happy to hear... out of the 73 shops, 55 have said YES and there are a few more that might too! We are waiting to hear. Only 5 have said "no" so far!

So though this bonus area is taking WAY longer to get together because Bizet didn't get the scripts done, it will be SO worth it in the end! Those that finish the hunt are going to get a HUGE amount of bonus gifts! It's super great! And all in one place! ;)

So... till then... Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bonus Boxes Will Be Filled!

Well, I spent 10 hours today working on the scripts. I would have spent more but I had to take my dog to the vet. Of course by the time I spent that time and they STILL would not work... I have given up.

I have thrown in the towel.

The scripter can't get the hud to work and I can't get the second "hunt" site to work, she told me it should from what she saw, so we have NO idea why it isn't... and a friend who was trying to see why it wasn't working hasn't been able to get the scripts/boxes to stop talking to each other.

So... How am I going to deal with this?

There is ONE script that does work. It is the script for the final box. It would normally have looked to see if you completed the hunt, then given you the new hud and landmark to the special area. The new hud was then to open the special boxes. BUT since that isn't working....

ALL the gift boxes will use the final bonus gift script.

What does this mean? It means that it may take you twice as long as normal to get the gifts. But it won't take forever, just a little bit longer... Because what will happen, all people who complete the hunt will get the LM to the final location. They will go there, and touch the first box... It will ask the web site if you have completed the hunt...When the web site tells it you have, then it will give you the gift box.

Then you go to the next gift and it starts all over.

Yes, this is a bit of a pain, which is why I worked with the scripter for 2 weeks and worked on the scripts myself, and like I said, I'm pretty stupid when it comes to scripts, but I knew what things should look like when given the script to change for the new one, to an extent. But since my knowledge was no where near what was needed to find the problem, and two people who worked on it couldn't fix it or make it work... There isn't many options left for me.

Oh there are a few other options, all of which will take me HOURS and HOURS to impliment. Where as this will only take you an average of maybe an extra hour, probably a lot less, to do it this way.

And after all, they will all be in the same place so you can walk down the rows of tables and touch each gift and accept them as it comes to you. Not very hard, just a little more time consuming. ;)

So, as soon as all the shops giving bonus gifts have the boxes filled and put out at the new location, I will be letting everyone know. May take a few days, but I want to make sure each shop who was going to give them gets that chance, and the ones that decided to now, who weren't before, get the chance. So that when you get there, all of them are out and you don't have to come back and check later. ;)

Till then... Happy Hunting!

Got The Scripts but...

Got the scripts, but it's not working. I spent the last 6 hours trying to get them to work. Nope! 90% works, but I can only get one gift per bag, so gotta find out what is wrong... or quit on it.

I say quit cause we are in week two and I'm pulling my hair out. Haven't gotten things done around the house, haven't gotten new stuff for my place, have spent hours staring at these scripts that look like a foreign language to me.

So... I have one more mail out to the scripter... and I have a friend who is trying to fix something for me so that we can set these scripts out. She had to go to bed, early morning... but when she gets on tomorrow she will test it. She thinks she has it working. If she does, GREAT! I just wasted 6 hours. BUT if she can't... maybe I'll get an answer from the scripter as to why it's not working now when it did before.

Night...... Happy Hunting!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Can you hear me sighing...?

I'm sighing, groaning, pounding my head on the table. I stayed close to the computer all day today, VERY close so that I didn't even get my house work done for fear I'd miss her, just to be sure I was here when she got on. But... no scripter. Not even a small message. Nothing.

Here is when I sigh some more. I got everyone packing the bonus gifts up and I have the option of just putting the one script in, but then everyone would have to wait while the box looked at the web site to see if they completed the hunt, for ever single box. Would take about 3 times the time to get the same amount of gifts that way. Not what I want, or you I'm sure.

So, I am sending up even more prayers that she reads her mail in the morning and deals with this. The last I heard she would be on Friday night. Since she wasn't, I'd kept hoping she made it on one day this weekend, after all she knew I was waiting on her..... But nothing.

This leaves me with no other options. No more testing, no more nothing. If she doesn't get on Monday, I'll just have to do it the hard way. But everyone send up a prayer that she gets on at work at least and checks her e-mail. I just need that one script, and I can get this set up. Everything else is all ready.....

Also, I put a sign out... so that people check the blog that have finished the hunt.... and find out that I AM trying to get them up... but it's not set up yet.

Talk to you soon! Happy Hunting!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nothing Yet....Again...

As you know, I always keep you up to date on everything, even the bad.... As also some of you know, I'm a Seventh-day Adventist, so I am not normally around from Friday night to Saturday night. But I kept around the computer all day today (Saturday), watching for an e-mail or an IM or something from the scripter.... Nothing.

Now, it is late enough that I know I won't see her tonight. So, since I haven't seen or heard from her... I have no idea when she will be on.

I have an idea... At first I hadn't suggested this idea because I thought that it would cause her more work. However, since knowing a lot of what she'd done, I was able to get on my domain and copy the files needed and make the folders and files and databases that would be needed.... I did that Friday night. However, if this idea works, I still need a certain script from her. But once I get that, it shouldn't take me but a few hours to test the theory and get things set up.

And if the next time I hear from her I find out this isn't going to work.... then I WILL go to plan B. What is it? Not telling! *giggles* Because I have 2 actually that will work, so will do the one that gets the bonus gift area set up as quickly as possible. With any luck it will be ready by Monday, well at least ready for the gift givers to load up with prezzies for all you great hunters! ;) Then the final gift box and LM will be set up for you hunters who have completed the hunt to grab!

I'm going to try to get to bed early tonight, knock on wood, because if I remember right, one Sunday the scripter got a chance to get on, it was like 8:30 am and I am NEVER on then unless I get to bed EARLY or not go to sleep! :D And I can't afford to stay up all night, got a new sleep study coming up, and I know it'll be hard to get up, but hope that I hear her BEEP when I get her IM... if I get it. ;)

So have a good night.... I will try to get a sign up because it seems some aren't reading the blog, so if you happen on someone that looks lost... please point them to the blog. Thanks!

Happy Hunting!

Nothing New.. yet...

Scripter didn't get on Friday night, so no news but that I will try one more thing, then giving up that that will get fixed.  If so, I'll put my plan B into motion... the final gifts WILL be out soon for everyone who completed hunt.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Going To Bed - Got ANOTHER Doctor's Appointment in the PM

Ok folks! I've got to get to bed. Though it IS 2 am. Hee hee. And my eyes are BURNING from staring at the screen for so many hours... but I have been doing things for the hunt.

First off... the scripts were tested, and don't work. I've got a message into Bizet about it and I'm looking at other ways to get this accomplished by the time Monday rolls around.  If her scripts do not work by then, then I have a few options that I worked on that will be VERY VERY time consuming for me, but will at least allow everyone to get up to the Bonus Gift House and grab a ton of great gifties! ;)  So send up a prayer that she gets it working.  For some reason when I saw her, it worked for me, but like last night, it only worked for me. A friend couldn't get it to work for her.  It's crazy!  But I haven't given up. ;)

Secondly I have to get up in time for the doctor's appointment. It's my pain doctor, so very important.  I actually have two pain doctor's but this one is for my morphine. So can't miss him!  Today's pain doctor was for my shoulder and back and stimulants to help counter all the other crud that is going on... which I won't bore you with the details about. ;)

Thirdly.... I am happy to say that there are more and more that are finishing up the hunt! Whoo hoo!  Almost 900 have registered, and not sure how many have finished yet, but it's a lot! With even more finishing as they get those final 3 that just registered.

Hunters... we do not have hints here, but you can find them via HUNT2HUNT group and the Hunt Locations blog. But I have no idea how good it is, because I know that a lot of the vendors move their umbrellas.  So if you have a problem, go to the Hunters' group (HUNT2HUNT - links available at almost all locations near the sign up posters) and ask someone in there. I know that several people there have great help and hints.

Now, I do not know when I can catch Bizet on, my doctor's appointment is right after noon, and that's when she gets on to catch me during her lunch break. So I probably will miss her. But I should be able to catch her in the evening.  I missed her this evening because I couldn't get home from my other doctor's in time.  Sucked! 

Need any help that you can't get from the Hunter's group, go to one of the "Helpers" listed on the left.  They are there to help you, no matter the problem. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost There!

Keep your eye out! Bizet got me the scripts at lunch, but I'm on my mom's laptop and we are pushing it! I have to run! But wanted you to know, I THINK it's going to work. It did with me, but it was working with me before. So just need to test with others trying for gift and if it works... We will be able to get the bonus gifts out for those that have completed the hunt!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gotta Get Some Sleep

After over 4 hours online with the scripter... We still haven't gotten it fixed.  I'm not totally discouraged... gotta keep the hope alive... But if it isn't working by this weekend, I'll find another way to get your bonus gifts put out and available to everyone.

Sorry for the delay. :(  LONG LONG day.  Online now for 16 hours again, so MUST go or I'll go insane. ;)

Night... Happy Hunting!

IMPORTANT Update & Information!

ALL the shops are now registered. If you have the NEW HUD (version 1.0) and it used to say you had completed it, if it was any stores less then 73, then it now will say you have NOT completed. Because the last shop, #48, registered today.

A warning about #48 - Yasmine was NOT the shop in there, she graciously gave another gift to fill the spot. So when you go there, remember, you were there before. She's also #6. So look for the SECOND unbrella. And if you happen to be new and get them both at the same time, just remember to follow #6's LM first, then later use the LM in #48.

One other shop has two. #66 is UPSTAIRS. Before when you went there, you were downstairs. She has TWO shops, two different kinds of gifts. And yes, she added #66 because we had a store drop out right before the hunt started after all the numbers were already assigned. So she was nice enough too to give another gift to keep the numbers in order. :)

So, you thought you finished but it says you haven't? Make sure you have the shops that registered last: #22, #48, & #72. If you have these shops, but it still says that you have NOT completed the hunt, then send a note card to me (Tiea Aeon) or Jasmine Princess. We can check the shops you have been to and let you know which one you are missing.

About #73: I understand that some have gotten the wrong LM to the location. There is a PG side and an adult side. The wrong LM was in #72 by accident. However, that has been fixed. The blog has the right location and her's has it now too.

I have a report that #33. I'm going to check it out when I get in, and I know that one of the helpers have left a note card with the owner. So give it a day.

.... And the scripter just got online, so have to stop here. More to come later, but this will help you now. ;)

#48 Is UP and WORKING! & UPDATE!

This is it! Shop #48 was dropped because they took their poster down and refused to talk to any helpers or myself. So Yasmine of Shop #6 has offered to add ANOTHER gift to the hunt! Thank you Yasmine! This is greatly appreciated!

So, head on over to the NEW Shop #48! But remember, when you were at Shop #6 before, you got a gift there somewhere. Don't try to click on the SAME umbrella, it won't give you a gift. Look for a SECOND umbrella. ;)

Now the hunt shops are ALL set up! If you have ANY problems with ANY one (I will be finding a good landing point for #73 for non adults sometime today) let someone know. If you need a shop reset, let me or Jasmine Princess know. One of us is usually on, so we can reset the shop that you had a problem with.

Now, as for the final gift... I'm testing the scripts now. I will put an update as soon as I know. Until then... Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

#22 Now Registered

#22 is now set up and registered. Only one left! Yeah!

Stop by #22 to get your gift!

Shop #72 is up!

Head on over, it's now working! Shop #72

Promising Update!

First off... I'm sorry. I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and was up early for it. When I got home, I was beat. The drive can take up to 45 minutes, 30 if I'm lucky. The meeting was longer, because it was a results meeting from my sleep study. By the time I got home is was afternoon and I was hot and tired. So I figured I had time for a nap before I needed to get on to catch the scripter. WRONG! I fell asleep and NOTHING would wake me up. The tv, my mother, NOTHING could scream at me enough to wake me... for 17 HOURS!

So I missed meeting the scripter. And I missed getting more done. But I have been on today and there is a NEW hud out. This hud is version 1.0. It is great! Because IT COUNTS! ;)

That's right, it counts how many shops, and how many you have left and if you have completed the hunt. Every time you TP to a new location, it re-registers. It does NOT show the last place you were. Ignor that part. BUT it shows the rest. So this is GREAT NEWS!

Now, where do you get one? Well I handed it out in a notice to the vendors. However, not all are on now, so you can get a new one at my place. It will ask you to register again, you say yes, and it says you are already registered, but gives you the new hud.

As for the final shops and final gifts... The final shops should be loaded, I know I keep saying that but I'm working with them right now, tonight sometime. Well I can't say all, but two of them will be. The last one I have to wait till someone gets on. But the other two are on now and I'm helping them out.

The scripter got the final scripts to me for the final bonus gifts. But one of the scripts isn't saving, it's giving me an error. I'm hoping that she can get on tonight. She mentioned this afternoon in an email that she would try. So hopefully that will get fixed soon.

However, no worries. I can see who finishes the hunt and if I have to hand the gifts out personally to each person I will. I HOPE this doesn't happen, right now there are a couple hundred on the edge of finishing. :) That'd be a LOT of name searches. ;) The GOOD news about this taking a little longer is that two shops who didn't have time to make a bonus gift have now made them. So there will be more final bonus gifts then we first hoped for.

So, hopefully things will be a lot better in a few hours... And luckily tomorrow I don't have ANY appointments. Nope, not till Thursday and Friday. :P

Happy Hunting!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nothing On Sunday - Let's Hope For Monday

Okay, sorry to report this, but Bizet didn't show up at all today. At least none of the times that I was on waiting, and no messages via e-mail or anything. So I can only hope that she will get a message to me on Monday... basically in a few hours.

I have another doctor's appointment, yeah, I know, when don't I, hee hee, and so I HAVE to get to bed. I have about 4 hours left before I have to get up, 4 and a half if I push it, 5 if I REALLY push it. I stayed up with April trying to help her with her images for her box and to help her pack up her outfit. But because I have to go, it looks like #72 won't get packed till after I get back. She is going to try to catch one of the other helpers to help her pack it up as soon as she can, but she couldn't stay on any longer either.

As for the rest, #22 is meeting me this afternoon, after my appointment, and one of the other shops is doing a double gift to fill in for #48 that was dropped. I'd hoped that it all would get done by Sunday, but because two of the shops didn't get on till late, and I had to get up early, I pushed it as far as I could, as long as I could. As it is, I'm going to have a hard time waking in the morning. But we ALMOST got #72 done. We were soooo close! *LOL*

I'd like to thank the helpers real quick, they have been SO much help while I've had to deal with all the doctors' appointments. And I'd like to thank the hunters who have jumped around to the ones working till we could get the others working.

I HOPE that Bizet will contact me later today, I will keep trying to contact her. Worse comes to worse, we all know that the current HUD registers you and allows you to get the gifts, you just can't count them. It seems some work while other's don't, so I don't get that one either.

Thanks alot for everything... And wish me luck getting those last straggly shops put up. #72 wanted me to let you know that she would have had the gift done sooner if she hadn't had personal issues get in the way and she wanted to add something for men too. Seems the male item is what held it up lately.

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

22, 48, 72... Missing In Action

I know there is a lot of chatter about those 3. And I'm sorry about it. Because I was waiting for Bizet to give me the final box and the final HUD for the bonus gifts, I was giving those 3 time. Two of them had personal problems to deal with, and the third,... well I already wrote about the 3rd.

I will be replacing the 3rd one with a gift of my own. But the other 2 will be registering tonight. Bizet was SUPPOSED to give me all that final stuff today. But I haven't heard from her in 3 days so I have no idea what is going on.

I will update this in about an hour or two. I have to take the dog outside to potty. See you soon..

Happy Hunting!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What To Do If You Are Done But...

I got a message from someone today that asked what to do if you have everything but the couple of gifts from shops not registered...

Hold on till Sunday. I am sorry, but Bizet has assured me that the gift boxes for the "bonus" boxes will be given to me on that day. It may take a few days after that, but I will know more then.

The final box will be set out then, and you will get a location to the bonus gifts.

As for the missing shops.... I am working on that right now. I will be helping one of the owners set up within the hour, and another set up within the next few. But I have to hurry, because I have to go to church in the morning and am half asleep. But since getting them won't unlock the final box until I have received it, there is no worry just yet.

Thank you for your patience.

Happy Hunting!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Note About HUD

You don't need it after the first time you put it on. I posted that before, but one of my shop owners was just asking about it again. Once you wear it the first time, it registers you with the web site. Once you are registered, you are in. You can take the hud off and never wear it again and you would get the boxes open.

Only for this hunt, but it is all you need.

I'm Sorry, No New Hud Today - But Note...

Okay, here is what happened. I got on and talked to the scripter tonight. I found out that the HUD needs to be updated. That everyone has version .5 and that the HUD is now 1.0. I asked her to please give me the giver/joiner so that I could send it out to all the people. She said that she gave it to me. However, I wasn't in SL at the time. So when I got in, it was not there. Not from before when I was supposed to have gotten it and nothing tonight.

So the bad news is, until she gives it to me, I'll try to get it again tomorrow, I can't give it to everyone else. And until everyone can get it, they can't count right.

So for now, please keep ignoring the numbers on the HUD. It will be fixed soon.

She also gave me something else to give out to everyone.... A note.

Since I can't send a note here, I will just paste her note here for you:

To all involved in the Summer Fun Hunt.
If you have issues with the timing or performance of the scripts in the treasure or HUD, please bring them to me. Tiea Aeon hired me to write the scripts and I failed to deliver. I could regale you with RL issues that have kept me away but excuses will not change the fact that I was late and it was buggy. I wish all of you a wonderful second life

Bizet Sorbet.

Does Your Hud Say "Upgrade"? & End Gifts to Be Filled

I missed the scripter this morning. I was getting ready to go to the doctor, and lost track of time. When I realized that it was past time to meet her, I already had an email saying she'd be on tonight.

So I've messaged her back (hopefully she follows the blog too, something I've asked ALL the shop owners to do) and told her that I would be home from my doctor's appointment around 6pm. Because it looks like I have to go alone and do my mom's job at the church, she's sick and we've stayed home for her to rest a bit (she's sound asleep right now, I'm going to post this and sneak out) to see if she would feel good enough to go and we could both finish the bulletin together, thus getting it done faster, I'm going to be later then I had hoped to be. Might even be 7pm depending on traffic. With just me I'll get stuck unable to use the commuter lane and that can drag the drive to 45 minutes or more.

Anyway, I got a message from one of the helpers just before I was heading out that said someone told her her hud said to UPDATE. I have NO clue what is going on. The HUD is supposed to be fixed, so many the scripter will be giving me a new one tonight. If not, I will find out why it's doing that.

In the mean time, remember, if you need to have any reset (like #11 that was broken for awhile) please send a note card (my IMs get capped) to me or to Jasmine Princess. She is able to reset and we are on at different times.

When I get on tonight I will be helping the last two shops register, then I will be putting a gift box out for the shop that was dropped at my sim with a new plant for everyone. Or with some nice gift. Unless that is I get on and one of the shops has a gift... I offered them the slot first. ;)

I have to run, no time for more, but I hope this helps you all. Tonight we will start setting up for the final gifts for those that have completed the hunt. After tonight all shops should be registered, and then when the gift area is done, there are a lot of shops that have extra gifts, so need to catch them all on and have them fill the new boxes, I will post it here that the final gift box is ready.

Till then... Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy Week

Well the hunt is almost all "fixed". Only 3 shops left to get registered, then those of you that have only a few left to get will be able to complete the hunt.

I got an offline message today that the scripter lost her internet but will be working from work to get the final scripts done.

As most have see, I haven't been on much today. I have been in Second Life constantly for the last week and it has taken it's toll on me. That was the reason I wasn't around much today (Monday). However, I won't be able to spend 12-16 hour days in SL for the next week either (that's the time I've been spending the last week to get ready and then to fix the hunt stuff). I have doctors' appointments all week. Starting with one at 11am for more testing.

If anyone needs help, the helpers are listed to the left. If you need a location reset that you went to when it was broken, drop me a note cards and I will do it as soon as I can.

I will be on for a few hours each night, but because my doctors are all almost an hour drive away, it's going to cut into my day a lot for the next 4 days.

I hope that you all are having fun! And keep having fun!

Till later... Happy Hunting!

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Script - UPDATE

There is a new script that the vendors are getting into the gift boxes as they get on. The scripter has tried to fix the bug that is causing the gift boxes to go into BUSY mode. We hope that this new script will stop this from happening, but it still might. Luckily the script has a trail thingy (I am NOT a scripter *LOL*) that if it does go to busy, she can find out why.

The script was handed out today. Hopefully the shops will get them changed over quickly. Some have changed, some have not. Please be patient. If you come across a gift box that is BUSY and no one is there, please let the owner of the store know so that they can reset the box.

Thanks! Happy Hunting!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

#11 - Steambound FIXED

Okay, we have #11 working now! Yeah!

There was a problem with the permissions which throws off the scripting.

Because it was a scripting problem, many of you clicked on it and didn't get the gift. If you send me a note card with your name, I will reset #11 for you so that your av will then be able to get it again.


It would seem that some of the links (SLURLs) on the left side to the shops were broken or missing.

All 73 shops are now listed.

58 was missing, it's up. 71 was wrong, it's changed. 72 was missing, it's up. 73 was missing, it was listed as 71 but is now fixed.

If there are any more that are broken or wrong, I'm sorry, send me or one of the authors on this blog a note card as to which one it is, as they can edit it and fix it. Thank you.

Problems with the HUD

The HUD is still not counting. VISUALLY. But it IS counting internally. Your stops are being logged. The only thing NOT going on is that you can SEE what ones you have left.

I have been assured by the scripter that these problems will be fixed, namely the hud counting, but the time that the rest of the shops log in. I pray that this will happen.

The scripter told me that there was a problem with the web site, something about some sort of update it did that had her working to update the scripts on the web site the day before the hunt. But there seems to be more problems every time she tries to fix the hud. I am tempted to make the hud blank and let everyone just count their own. It was done that way to help you keep track of if you needed to get another one or not. If you had completed it or not. But that hud is causing more problems then I ever dreamed.

To be honest, I am at my witz end. I had been told that this would work. That everything would be okay. I had hoped that it would work out. But so many are NOT reading the blog. I have been gone only for 6 hours (I HAD to take a nap, I've spent the last 6 days in Second LIfe when not sleeping. And the two days before the hunt I didn't even sleep. I have done everything in my power to make this hunt work, to the point of updating this blog with all the problems, or the good news, as often as possible. To keep everyone in the know. Yet so many aren't looking here, so I'm having to repeat myself over and over and over in note cards.

So... Here is how it stands as of this moment.

1. The hud does not count VISUALLY. Once you register you don't even need to wear it.

2. Some of the shops have not registered yet. They had all planned to be online at least once the 24 hours before the hunt started, but then the hud didn't get finished until halfway through the start date and many of them had to deal with real life things and won't be on till Sunday or so.

3. We are having a problem with the umbrellas going to "BUSY" mode. I have NO idea why this is happening. I left a message with the scripter about it, then took my nap, got back and she'd left a message that the hud was working and nothing about the busy mode. (no hud isn't working)

4. HUNT2HUNT is the hunter's group. There is usually someone there that can help. Got a problem, that's the group to add so you can figure it out. They do all kinds of hunts, so it's a very useful group to be involved in.

5. If you touch it and something happens and you don't get the gift, send a note card with the error message, or just that you didn't get it, to the shop owner. They know there are problems, so they are aware that some gifts may have to be handed out personally.

6. A couple of the shops are not registered. As soon as they are, they will be posted. You can then go back to them.

7. All SLURLs are on the side, you can go to the next one if you get a problem.

Anything else, let me know. I am trying very hard to get this handled. I was told it would work, I was told it would work, I was promised things will work out. I am doing everything I can to get this working. I am sorry when you have issues.

If a couple problems along the way causes you too much headache, wait a week. The hunt will be around all month and a week into September. So wait a week, we will be here, and hopefully by then no more problems. Keep an eye on this blog. You will know what is happening all the time from here.

Thanks... Sorry... Happy Hunting!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Need An Update?

I have added a special widget to the side. :) It gives you the up to date stuff without loosing it in the middle here. Jasmine is doing shops and gifts here, so this way no matter what happens, you have it over there on the left.

One other important thing. If you get a place and are alone, and get "BUSY" signal from the umbrella, I haven't been able to find out WHY yet, but the best thing to do is IM the owner and let them know. They will then come and reset it and it will work. I will address that with the scripter when she gets back on.

Take care! I have to lay down a bit. I'm back to the pain pills. *LOL*

Have fun, Hunters & Vendors!! That is the point of this! A bit of excitement finding some really nice gifts and FUN doing it! ;)


Okay... I'm up and I've got some great helpers. Yasmine is working now on checking the locations for working parasols (umbrellas) and missing ones. I am going to post here the locations that still have not registered and then the locations that are currently broken. Please skip to the next location (which can be found to the left) that is working and return to the broken one later.


#73 (final spot)

PROBLEM WITH SCRIPTING (go to next spot till fixed):
(there may be one or two more, I have to look, but needed to post this cause I have to run the dog outside. *LOL* And people need this update now. *LOL*)

WORKING NOW: (on other update lists saying 'broken'):
#42 - She was able to get on long enough to get her gift out and working. :)

There may be a new update soon, as some are currently working on fixing these problems, but this is how it stands of the moment I sent this.

Enzo's Freehold Gift

Ever wanted to be the man in the moon? wanted to laze amongst the stars? now you can! This gift from Enzo's Freehold is a beautifully textured moon seat, it has a subtle puple glow and is only 7 prims!

Keep your eyes pealed, I will be reviewing more gifts tomorrow. Happy hunting!!!

Aster Builts Gift

This is the gift from Aster Builts. To me it seems Oriental style, it is a beautiful looking day bed for the garden, perfect for you and your loved one to snuggle up in the sun, or the stars. It is 28 prims, but it would be a wonderful addition to anyones garden.

Jasalicious Jewellery Gift

This is another one of my stores, in this set you will find earrings, necklace, bracelet and belly chain all deccorated with delecate yellow and green shells, perfect for the beach babe in all of us. I hope you like it!

Crimson Immortal Art Gift

Crimson Immortal Art Gallery's gift is this beautiful piece of art. It has a lovely black leather look frame surrounding a woman who looks as though she is in deep thought in a forest. Maybe she is a vampire? Who knows, it is very myserious, but beautiful all the same.

Princess Jasmine Designs Gift

Well, this is my gift, the 2nd in the store in the hunt, I hope you like it!

AmberMyst Botanical Designs Gift

Tiea has outdone herself again, my picture doesn't do this plant justice.
She has created a beautiful 1 prim plant with delecate yellow flowers and foliage surrounding the base of the plant... it will bring any garden to life.

Heading To Bed but...

Okay, Aster is now another blogger here. She's agreed to post any broken spots or places she runs into while checking the locations.

Hopefully the scripter will get on tomorrow, no idea why she didn't today, but when she finally got on yesterday it was only for a short time to begin, then later got on and got one of them problems fixed. However, as I've said before, before the HUD can start counting the locations, I need all the shops to finish registering. And since I just found out there is one that won't be around till Sunday... Hunters, the hud will start counting by Monday, knock on wood. BUT remember, it still is counting the places.

Also, if you have isses with anything, if you crash while getting a gift, or you get an empty folder, let someone one. There are helpers listed in this blog and ther is me. Till later...


Friday, August 7, 2009

Near the End of the Hunt...

Near the end of the hunt are a few shops that were added at the last minute. I can tell you right now that none of these shops have their items ready. I am sorry, but as promised, as soon as everyone has gotten back from real life issues and everything can register the shops, we will be set. 70, 71, 72, & 73 are off the grid at the moment. But since they are at the end, and there are still plenty to get, they'll be online by the time you need to get them.


UPDATE #2 - EDITED to include #25

Okay Hunters, I have gotten a few more updates since logging in.

#25 - This shop hasn't registered yet. So head over to #26. Sorry folks! She told me she'd get it done in the morning when she was awake.

#42 - There is one shop that the owner didn't get the box before they suddenly were called away on business. They will be back on Sunday. So Shop #42 is not working. Head to the next one and after Sunday you can hit #42 again.

#22 - Still down, but she is getting online in a few hours, I just talked to her offline. She is sorry and wants everyone to know she will fix it as soon as she can get on and inworld. So head over to #23.

#11 - It seems that #11 has the wrong permissions on their gift. As soon as we can reach them, we will get that fixed.

#13 - #13 is giving off a script error about permissions. We will contact her and let her know. Until then, head on over to #14.

#17 - I'm sorry to say but this is one of the shops that isn't registered yet. They had to shut the sim down for a little, and gave me a temp location, but the temp location doesn't have anything. So I've contacted them and hope this is fixed soon. Head on over to #18!

That's it for now, or at least the few that I have been told of.

One more thing before I go... I got a few questions being asked already a lot, so here they are....
Q:Do you have to wear the hud to get the gifts?
A: You have to the first time, but you don't have to wear it after that first time.

Q: It's not counting.
A: Until all the shops have registered, and unfortunately we have a few that won't be able to till Sunday sometime, the HUD will not count, visibly, the locations. HOWEVER it WILL count them internally. So when the final shop is registered, the hud will start working and showing what shops have been done and what need to be done.

Q: I touched it and didn't get a gift? What now?
A: If you didn't get a gift, just the landmark, then there is a problem with the box. Please IM the owner of the shop and let them know. If you can not reach them, look at the blog. There is a list of helpers that will be happy to help you. Hopefully these errors will be fixed in the next few days and this won't be an issue soon.

Q: I came to a place but can't find the gift. What's up?
A: Check the blog. There are a couple shops not registered. If you still can't find it, ask about it in the group HUNT2HUNT. It is the official hunters group for this hunt.

If you have any more questions, check this blog, they may be there. If they aren't, IM one of the helpers. That is what we are here for. :)

I'm Back and Working In SL

Hey there Hunters and Vendors! I am back up, short nap, and working in SL.

When I logged in I got a TON of messages from hunters regarding the gifts and that the HUD isn't working.

The hud is working. As I said in another post earlier, it is counting. It just isn't showing the locations/numbers right now. But will tomorrow once all the shops have registered.

If you are a hunter... Don't worry, it's not broken.

If you are a vendor... Don't let the hunters worry. Your shop will be added.

And one more thing... I need ALL vendors to check their gifts. It would seem that some of the gifts aren't working. That is more then likely because the permissions in the gift are not right. Check them. Make sure they are set to copy/no trans.

Till the next update... Happy Hunting!

Hunters: Missing... part 2

#11 - is missing it's gift. Use the SLURL list to the left and skip it so that it doesn't register with your HUD and you have to contact the shop owner for a new gift when it gets filled.

Hunters, this is a new script. The vendors did know that they couldn't put the boxes back into their inventory after filling it. So some of them are having a hard time. Some may end up empty. If they end up empty, send me a note card with your name, the time that it happened, and the location it happened. I will then get in touch with the shop owners to make sure everything gets their gifts.

And #22 is still missing.... ;)

Thanks for your understanding. We are so excited about this and all that has gone into it, but because it is a script heavy hunt, there are more ways for it to give us a problem. So your patience and kindness is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hunters: Missing...

#22 - missing. The owner hasn't gotten on yet to register her gift. Go on to #23 and come back to 22 in a couple days.

Vendors - Don't Forget...

Vendors, last night there were a lot of things going on, a lot of scripting issues that has had me awake and in Second Life for over 30 hours straight (thank goodness for spell check, cause the typos right now are so bad due to lack of sleep) now just to try to get this hunt started on time. And because of the multiple scripting error found in the first version, where hunters could get 1-13 of the same item, we had to get a new script sent out last night after already sending half the gift boxes out. I got the new, good one out. But not everyone has been on to change that script out. So I could either postpone for more hours while we waiting or let people get 13 of everything. ;)

Since nothing is transferable I went to the 13 or 3, for those that hadn't change their scripts, rather then wait longer. But there are hunters that have no idea what is going on. So hurry to get those scripts changed! The script can be found in the vendor's group notice history.


The hunt is ON! Yeah!

Hunters, there is a group for help. HUNT2HUNT. You can chat there for hints and such.

However, because of the kind of hunt this is, most have not hidden their umbrella hard at all. And all of them are within 20 meters of the landing point (or store depending on the type of landing point. ;) )

Keep an eye on this blog. We have had some problems with the scripting and we are still working out the final bugs. But the HUDs work. Today only they will not count. The scripter needs to get the rest of the shops in the hunt to finish registering. Only then will we be able to get the final count, and then the HUD will count along with you.

Because there were a few problems with the scripting, some of the shops will not be able to register till tomorrow. If you find a shop is not registered yet, then check this blog. There is the SLURL to each shop on the left of the blog. You can then come back in a day or two to get that gift.

Do not forget to come back for the gift. You definitely want all the gifts to get that final bonus gifts. You will get almost double the gifts in one room! All for just completing the hunt! Whoo hoo!

Click the poster for complete details about the hunt.

Thank you for checking us out and happy hunting!

Quick Post About The Hunt Status

Boxes for the first part of the hunt are out!

If you get on and do NOT find it, IM me RIGHT AWAY.

I have been here for 24 hours now (as of the time of this posting) so I am in PAIN, I am TIRED, and I want to pass out, my eyes are drooping so much. But because there have been issues with the scripting and the scripter left unexpectedly last night before I could find out what was going on with the HUD and everything. Good news is that after several hours she got on long enough to let me know that the problem I saw with the hud would be fixed sometime tonight. As well as give me a HUD dispenser for the hunt that would work.

As things stand right now at noon the HUD dispenser will be put out in my shop and the other two locations.

As people get the HUD, they will get instructions on how to register.

As each person joins the hunt, and registers, the hud will teekp track, though it will not have the right numbers this first day. That is because she needs to set the number later tonight.

Some shops who't be registering until tomorrow, but that is okay. All shops will be accounted for.

In a few days as the hunt gets under way, I will be getting the second gift location filled with the new gifts. Well the vendors will be as I will have no control, like these gifts, of the final bonus gifts. Then when the hunters finish the hunt, they will be able to unlock the special locaton and gifts.

Stay tuned... it opens soon!


Hello Hunters!

I am Jasmine Princess, Vendor and SFH helper. I am introducing myself because over the next couple of weeks you will be seeing alot of me!

I will be blogging on here about the different shops and gifts found on this hunt. I will show you all of the fantastic stuff you can expect on this hunt and where you will find them, but remember, you have to get them all to get the awesome gifts at the end of the hunt!

If you have any questions or need help with the hunt and are a vendor or hunter, you can always IM me!

Happy hunting!

Jasmine Princess

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stuff Happens!

It's an old saying, but it's true. And in SL it's more Real Life Happens.

The scripter didn't check her email before leaving for work. So I have yet to get the scripts. So I have yet to send out the hunt boxes. :(

But as one of the vendors said... "The 7th lasts 24 hours. We have all day the 7th to get the hunt started." Thanks, Carol, that made me smile.

However, I'd like to get it started at midnight as planned.

In any case, several shops have dropped out. Morgan Cyr has even been abusive enough to start IMing some of the vendors in the Vendor's Group and slandering my name to them. I had them complaining to me that Morgan wouldn't shut up and leave them alone. So it seems that some of the vendors that left did so with a bad attitude. And though I'm glad they left, no one needs that type of attitude in a fun loving hunt, leaving did leave holes.

If you happen to be a shop, or know someone with a shop, that can get a gift done in time, I will be happy to slip you in at the last minute. But please be quick about it. I want to make sure you are set up.

Thanks for those of you who have been so very patient with everyone's real life that took presidence over their second life. We all are happy to have you in the hunt.

Regardless of what time this hunt starts on the 7th, you can still be rest assured that there is going to be no other like it. And that the designers that did stay are some of the best lesser known designers in Second Life. No one will want to miss this hunt!

See you at the hunt!

About Ready To Panic

The scripter didn't give me the right perms with the script. So when I went to start handing them out, I couldn't. They won't transfer!

Since I have been up for over 17 hours working on stuff for this hunt, I am going to take a nap. I PRAY that the scripter checks her e-mail in the morning before she goes to work so that she can log in long enough to give me the script with the right permissions. I sent her a couple messages and she told me she'd check, but don't know if that was supposed to be before or after work.

So send up a prayer that she sees it when she wakes up.

And if you are a shop owner that can't get on before it starts, we will be posting the SLURLS to the shops here so that people can go around you and come back to you when you do get a chance to get online.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Gift Boxes Are Ready

Just a short entry, because I have to run get my pain medication before it gets past midnight....

The gift boxes are done! Whoo hoo! The scripter has got all the bugs out. So when I get back I will give a shout out to the group to find out who is online. Those online will get their boxes first. Then I will get the rest out.

I have been on for over 15 hours and so I HAVE to have a break and I have to get my meds. Because the scripter has a job and needed sleep too, she won't be able to get the final gift boxes, those bonus gifts that people finishing the hunt will get, until tomorrow after work. But we do have the main ones, the important ones. I have to load them with landmarks and rename them and then send them out to you.

See you all soon!

Regarding How The Hunt Works

I was just going over the posts, adding some labels to past ones that all they said was "NEWS", wanting to make sure that people could find certain things when needed, like if they are only for vendors or helpers... and ran across this comment.

juliannasong said...

I just hope, Tiea, that all we vendors keep the above rules in mind when we select hiding places. I have done hunts which are organised in this way and become very frustrated when I have found say 17/18 items, and the last item I just cannot find.
Often I have left that hunt and returned to one that is more immediately rewarding, where the prizes are available as soon as I find the item sought. As a consolation could prizes be available every so many stops, as an incentive to keep going?
From my expenice of Hud-counted hunts, I hazard a guess that could be built in.
Just my two cents worth - as an avatar addicted to hunting.
fivesinger Zenovka (Juliannasong)

First off... I hope and pray that everyone keeps within the rules. That they keep the items EASY to find and that they keep it within 20 meters (which if you lay out two 10 meter boards shows you just how big a space that can be) of the landing spot (or of their shop should the landing point be a central landing place). Because everything is coming down so close to the wire, as we go around and check for the boxes before the hunt, if this rule has been followed, the helpers and I won't have a problem locating them.

Second... The prizes will be at each location. It will be like any other hunt. You touch the box and get a gift with a new landmark. The only difference is that the hud will then register how many locations you have been to, how many gifts you still have to get, and if you have gotten them all or not. And the last location you were at, so you can keep track when you come back to it. Each shop will have a gift. At the end of the hunt there is a big room that I have designed where those shop owners that have agreed to supply another gift will come and put their gift down. This room can be accessed by anyone, but you can't get the location unless you finish the hunt. And you can get the new hud unless you finish the hunt. Because the final box ONLY gives it's contents if you have touched allllll the boxes before it.

I know that this was an issue with banning. If for some reason you are banned from a sim, then the hunter needs to talk to me. We will work on a way to get that one for them. :)

I hope that this helps ease your fears. You will still get gifts along the way, and can still stop at any time. But only if you get all the gifts do you get the final gifts.

Up And Working - Need Me?

Well, for those of you that need to reach me and I am not in SL right now... You CAN find me on Twitter. Tiea_Aeon. Don't have Twitter? No worries, I have MSN and Yahoo and ICQ. So leave me a note card inworld and I'll get you added to one of those. Not publising it up here because I don't want to, but because I can't remember my login! ;) I THINK it's my e-mail. secondlife (at) So if you need me, try those to find me. Otherwise, I'll be logging into SL soon. I am checking something out before I do, and then when I do I have a LOT LOT LOT of work to get done in the next 6 hours before the scripter gets on. But you all know I will help you if you need it. And if you aren't sure... talk to your helper. You should know who it is by now.

See you all soon!

Vendors, Send Your Helper A Note Card

PLEASE send your helper a note card, there is a blog entry here with shops and helpers names, and let them know if you are going to be able to be on within the last 24 hours before the hunt to fill your box. We need to know.

If more then half, or a good number, are not going to make it in time, we will push the hunt start time to the 9th instead of the 7th.

So it is IMPORTANT you contact your helper so they can let me know.

Thank you.

New Poster Out!

Version 6 is out! Because we now have 3 starting points.

If you will please put it out. There are shops that still have version 3, and even 2 which has the wrong dates.

Two Extra Days?

Okay, I have been looking the spreadsheet that my helpers are keeping to help me know who has what and have noticed that more then HALF of the vendors do not have the new poster up. Some even have the poster from Aug. 1st.

Tomorrow morning (this morning) I am going to send out a new poster with new locations. I am going to go around and look to see for myself who has their poster up and who doesn't. If I can NOT reach enough people, if I can NOT be sure that everyone will have their gift out, I will push the hunt back by 2 days. This is because I won't be one of those hunts where people start it and can't go to the 3rd place because it's not got a gift box. I rather be one that had to wait a few days then have that happen.

I hope that this will NOT be the case... But since no one has really told me they will be ready, and some don't even have the new posters, I am worried.

The HUD is Done and WORKS!

Hey there! I just tested the HUD with the scripter and it works! Unfortunately it too a lot longer to get those bugs worked out then she had hoped. And since she's got a real job, she won't be able to get back on the computer till tomorrow AFTERNOON, not NOON.

So PLEASE be patient. We will have your gift boxes ready Wednesday night sometime. The important part was to get the bugs out of the HUD as that is what is registering the boxes/gifts and how many and how many left and all that. So basically the hard part is done.

Also, I will be picking a few new places as starting points. I will be doing this in the morning. This means one more poster. Though I will post them here too, so that people following the blog can come here as well to get the next spot. These places will get a couple of the HUD dispensers. This way should there be any rush, people can go through starting from there. They just need to remember that when they end there, that they return to AmberMyst for the gift that they are to unlock.

Till tomorrow... Happy Hunting.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Small Technical Issue

Trust me when I say that I am doing some serious groaning right now. If I'd known just how many problems would get thrown at me and the scripter right before the final week, when I changed the date to the 7th I would have changed it to the 14th instead. She's got a lot of real life issues that kept her away from the computer for the last two weeks and she's even pushing it now to juggle her real life to try to get on just to finish this for me in time. To top that off, she's got a couple of new bugs that showed up during the testing phase.

The long and short of this is that though the hunt is still scheduled to start at 12:01 am on the 7th, it looks like we won't have the gift boxes done until noon the 5th. That still gives all you vendors 36 hours to get the box, fill it, and put it out. With someone like me, who is on every day for a few hours, lately 12-16 hours a day to get this ready, I can easily log in once during that last 36 hours to fill the box. But I know that there are some that just can't get on all the time.

In fact, I have been working with the helpers and going around to several of the shops and have been leaving messages for days now about old posters and non fee payment and some have yet to answer. Makes me wonder if they will log in in time or not.

If you are a vendor who can NOT log in once within the 24 hours before the hunt, then you need to let me know now. So that we can work something out.

Otherwise, everyone needs to plan to log in at least once within the 24 hours before the hunt starts. At which time you can reach me or one of the helpers (this blog has all the helpers listed, so look for your shop and the helper) if you are having a problem.

Good Luck Everyone!


The scripter said we'd definitely be ready by Tuesday night. So everyone will get their gift boxes shortly after.

Put them out RIGHT AWAY because no one can use them, or get the gifts, until they get the HUD and they won't get that till it starts. So it doesn't matter when you put the gift out, as long as it is before.

We will be checking the day before the hunt, so PLEASE put your gifts out as soon as possible.

Jasmine has been helping me tonight add everyone's logo and SLURL to the blog. So soon you will be able to see your shop listed. If it is not, or missing a logo, then we need to know that.

Good night!

Monday, August 3, 2009

IMPORTANT - Hunt May Have To Be Postponed A Week

As you all know, I had unexpected medical problems that kept me away from the computer for over a week. On top of that, the scripter has had real life issues that took her away from the computer, one being lack of internet access. I just got an offline message that she will be unable to get on tonight to test the HUD. I can NOT give out the boxes until the HUD and scripts that go into the boxes are tested. She said she can make it tomorrow night and we can test it then. That means that at the earliest I can get the boxes to you all on the 5th. Two days before the hunt starts. I know that this is pushing it. It can be done as long as all of you are going to be on within those two days to get it put out.

If someone will NOT be able to, if more then half will have a problem, I need to know. I will not cancel the hunt, but I will postpone it one week until the 14th. I do not want to do this. I know a lot are waiting for it, I am too. But it may need to be done. Real life comes first and unfortuneately one helper, the scripter, and myself have had connection problems. And the important thing is the scripter. Until we can test the HUD and gift boxes, I can't hand them out.

Please bear with me. I am trying the best I can to get this to start on time. If you are only going to be on for a few hours between now and then, PLEASE leave a note card for me.

Have You Paid Your Fee?

Okay, it's almost time. But only those vendors who have paid their fee will be allowed in. No one will get the final gift box until after the new hud has been tested tomorrow night and until their entrance fee has been paid.

I have posted this in the group before, but keep getting asked about it. So am posting here. You MUST have an alt or partner in the vendor's group. And you MUST check the messages as you log in each time to be sure that you know what is going on.


The new poster, the FINAL poster, is done! Get it from the vendors' group!

Everyone must have it out before they will get their gift boxes, as well as have their fee paid.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Helper Change - Aurore Belgar

One of the helpers hasn't contacted me, that I can find, or made sure that things were in order. I think something happened. So, because I don't have time to mess with a whole set of shops not having a helper, I got a new helper. Aurore Belgar will be taking over Bobcat's shops.

Aurore Belgar:
AD Memories
Angel's Low Price Shop
Anguana Designs for Mermaids
N A Designs by Naomi Anatine
Rihanna Goldflakes Designs
SZ Designs
WOOT Air Horns Nautical Goods

If you are one of these shop owners, or in the case of this set, the mall/sim owner, then you now need to be talking to Aurore Belgar for all your needs.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Have You Submitted An Application?

Did you submit an application while I was gone? I have them, or hope I do. I will be going over them on Sunday. If you do NOT hear from me by Monday, send another. On Tuesday morning, NO MORE APPLICATIONS will be accepted! With the scripting needed for this, it will be unable to add a new player mid stream or last minute.

MY Computer Is Up And Running...

My computer is up and running again. So I can get things done and in order. However, it only just got up, so everything will have to be updated in the morning.

Look for the update on the new shops and the new poster tomorrow sometimes. Vendors, the scripting will be tested in the next couple days, as soon as I can meet up with the scripter and test it. Then you will get a special gift box. Those of you giving for the end gift will also get a second one. DO NOT MIX THEM UP. The umbrella will be for the hunt. The other box, undecided as of yet, will be for the final gift.

Thank you for your understanding. Luckily my doctor is going to a convention so he can't torture me for most the week.