Monday, August 17, 2009

Nothing On Sunday - Let's Hope For Monday

Okay, sorry to report this, but Bizet didn't show up at all today. At least none of the times that I was on waiting, and no messages via e-mail or anything. So I can only hope that she will get a message to me on Monday... basically in a few hours.

I have another doctor's appointment, yeah, I know, when don't I, hee hee, and so I HAVE to get to bed. I have about 4 hours left before I have to get up, 4 and a half if I push it, 5 if I REALLY push it. I stayed up with April trying to help her with her images for her box and to help her pack up her outfit. But because I have to go, it looks like #72 won't get packed till after I get back. She is going to try to catch one of the other helpers to help her pack it up as soon as she can, but she couldn't stay on any longer either.

As for the rest, #22 is meeting me this afternoon, after my appointment, and one of the other shops is doing a double gift to fill in for #48 that was dropped. I'd hoped that it all would get done by Sunday, but because two of the shops didn't get on till late, and I had to get up early, I pushed it as far as I could, as long as I could. As it is, I'm going to have a hard time waking in the morning. But we ALMOST got #72 done. We were soooo close! *LOL*

I'd like to thank the helpers real quick, they have been SO much help while I've had to deal with all the doctors' appointments. And I'd like to thank the hunters who have jumped around to the ones working till we could get the others working.

I HOPE that Bizet will contact me later today, I will keep trying to contact her. Worse comes to worse, we all know that the current HUD registers you and allows you to get the gifts, you just can't count them. It seems some work while other's don't, so I don't get that one either.

Thanks alot for everything... And wish me luck getting those last straggly shops put up. #72 wanted me to let you know that she would have had the gift done sooner if she hadn't had personal issues get in the way and she wanted to add something for men too. Seems the male item is what held it up lately.

Happy Hunting!

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