Friday, August 7, 2009

Quick Post About The Hunt Status

Boxes for the first part of the hunt are out!

If you get on and do NOT find it, IM me RIGHT AWAY.

I have been here for 24 hours now (as of the time of this posting) so I am in PAIN, I am TIRED, and I want to pass out, my eyes are drooping so much. But because there have been issues with the scripting and the scripter left unexpectedly last night before I could find out what was going on with the HUD and everything. Good news is that after several hours she got on long enough to let me know that the problem I saw with the hud would be fixed sometime tonight. As well as give me a HUD dispenser for the hunt that would work.

As things stand right now at noon the HUD dispenser will be put out in my shop and the other two locations.

As people get the HUD, they will get instructions on how to register.

As each person joins the hunt, and registers, the hud will teekp track, though it will not have the right numbers this first day. That is because she needs to set the number later tonight.

Some shops who't be registering until tomorrow, but that is okay. All shops will be accounted for.

In a few days as the hunt gets under way, I will be getting the second gift location filled with the new gifts. Well the vendors will be as I will have no control, like these gifts, of the final bonus gifts. Then when the hunters finish the hunt, they will be able to unlock the special locaton and gifts.

Stay tuned... it opens soon!

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