Monday, August 3, 2009

IMPORTANT - Hunt May Have To Be Postponed A Week

As you all know, I had unexpected medical problems that kept me away from the computer for over a week. On top of that, the scripter has had real life issues that took her away from the computer, one being lack of internet access. I just got an offline message that she will be unable to get on tonight to test the HUD. I can NOT give out the boxes until the HUD and scripts that go into the boxes are tested. She said she can make it tomorrow night and we can test it then. That means that at the earliest I can get the boxes to you all on the 5th. Two days before the hunt starts. I know that this is pushing it. It can be done as long as all of you are going to be on within those two days to get it put out.

If someone will NOT be able to, if more then half will have a problem, I need to know. I will not cancel the hunt, but I will postpone it one week until the 14th. I do not want to do this. I know a lot are waiting for it, I am too. But it may need to be done. Real life comes first and unfortuneately one helper, the scripter, and myself have had connection problems. And the important thing is the scripter. Until we can test the HUD and gift boxes, I can't hand them out.

Please bear with me. I am trying the best I can to get this to start on time. If you are only going to be on for a few hours between now and then, PLEASE leave a note card for me.

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