Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#48 Is UP and WORKING! & UPDATE!

This is it! Shop #48 was dropped because they took their poster down and refused to talk to any helpers or myself. So Yasmine of Shop #6 has offered to add ANOTHER gift to the hunt! Thank you Yasmine! This is greatly appreciated!

So, head on over to the NEW Shop #48! But remember, when you were at Shop #6 before, you got a gift there somewhere. Don't try to click on the SAME umbrella, it won't give you a gift. Look for a SECOND umbrella. ;)

Now the hunt shops are ALL set up! If you have ANY problems with ANY one (I will be finding a good landing point for #73 for non adults sometime today) let someone know. If you need a shop reset, let me or Jasmine Princess know. One of us is usually on, so we can reset the shop that you had a problem with.

Now, as for the final gift... I'm testing the scripts now. I will put an update as soon as I know. Until then... Happy Hunting!

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