Saturday, August 8, 2009

Need An Update?

I have added a special widget to the side. :) It gives you the up to date stuff without loosing it in the middle here. Jasmine is doing shops and gifts here, so this way no matter what happens, you have it over there on the left.

One other important thing. If you get a place and are alone, and get "BUSY" signal from the umbrella, I haven't been able to find out WHY yet, but the best thing to do is IM the owner and let them know. They will then come and reset it and it will work. I will address that with the scripter when she gets back on.

Take care! I have to lay down a bit. I'm back to the pain pills. *LOL*

Have fun, Hunters & Vendors!! That is the point of this! A bit of excitement finding some really nice gifts and FUN doing it! ;)

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