Saturday, August 8, 2009


Okay... I'm up and I've got some great helpers. Yasmine is working now on checking the locations for working parasols (umbrellas) and missing ones. I am going to post here the locations that still have not registered and then the locations that are currently broken. Please skip to the next location (which can be found to the left) that is working and return to the broken one later.


#73 (final spot)

PROBLEM WITH SCRIPTING (go to next spot till fixed):
(there may be one or two more, I have to look, but needed to post this cause I have to run the dog outside. *LOL* And people need this update now. *LOL*)

WORKING NOW: (on other update lists saying 'broken'):
#42 - She was able to get on long enough to get her gift out and working. :)

There may be a new update soon, as some are currently working on fixing these problems, but this is how it stands of the moment I sent this.

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