Friday, August 7, 2009

UPDATE #2 - EDITED to include #25

Okay Hunters, I have gotten a few more updates since logging in.

#25 - This shop hasn't registered yet. So head over to #26. Sorry folks! She told me she'd get it done in the morning when she was awake.

#42 - There is one shop that the owner didn't get the box before they suddenly were called away on business. They will be back on Sunday. So Shop #42 is not working. Head to the next one and after Sunday you can hit #42 again.

#22 - Still down, but she is getting online in a few hours, I just talked to her offline. She is sorry and wants everyone to know she will fix it as soon as she can get on and inworld. So head over to #23.

#11 - It seems that #11 has the wrong permissions on their gift. As soon as we can reach them, we will get that fixed.

#13 - #13 is giving off a script error about permissions. We will contact her and let her know. Until then, head on over to #14.

#17 - I'm sorry to say but this is one of the shops that isn't registered yet. They had to shut the sim down for a little, and gave me a temp location, but the temp location doesn't have anything. So I've contacted them and hope this is fixed soon. Head on over to #18!

That's it for now, or at least the few that I have been told of.

One more thing before I go... I got a few questions being asked already a lot, so here they are....
Q:Do you have to wear the hud to get the gifts?
A: You have to the first time, but you don't have to wear it after that first time.

Q: It's not counting.
A: Until all the shops have registered, and unfortunately we have a few that won't be able to till Sunday sometime, the HUD will not count, visibly, the locations. HOWEVER it WILL count them internally. So when the final shop is registered, the hud will start working and showing what shops have been done and what need to be done.

Q: I touched it and didn't get a gift? What now?
A: If you didn't get a gift, just the landmark, then there is a problem with the box. Please IM the owner of the shop and let them know. If you can not reach them, look at the blog. There is a list of helpers that will be happy to help you. Hopefully these errors will be fixed in the next few days and this won't be an issue soon.

Q: I came to a place but can't find the gift. What's up?
A: Check the blog. There are a couple shops not registered. If you still can't find it, ask about it in the group HUNT2HUNT. It is the official hunters group for this hunt.

If you have any more questions, check this blog, they may be there. If they aren't, IM one of the helpers. That is what we are here for. :)

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