Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Back and Working In SL

Hey there Hunters and Vendors! I am back up, short nap, and working in SL.

When I logged in I got a TON of messages from hunters regarding the gifts and that the HUD isn't working.

The hud is working. As I said in another post earlier, it is counting. It just isn't showing the locations/numbers right now. But will tomorrow once all the shops have registered.

If you are a hunter... Don't worry, it's not broken.

If you are a vendor... Don't let the hunters worry. Your shop will be added.

And one more thing... I need ALL vendors to check their gifts. It would seem that some of the gifts aren't working. That is more then likely because the permissions in the gift are not right. Check them. Make sure they are set to copy/no trans.

Till the next update... Happy Hunting!

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