Thursday, August 13, 2009

Does Your Hud Say "Upgrade"? & End Gifts to Be Filled

I missed the scripter this morning. I was getting ready to go to the doctor, and lost track of time. When I realized that it was past time to meet her, I already had an email saying she'd be on tonight.

So I've messaged her back (hopefully she follows the blog too, something I've asked ALL the shop owners to do) and told her that I would be home from my doctor's appointment around 6pm. Because it looks like I have to go alone and do my mom's job at the church, she's sick and we've stayed home for her to rest a bit (she's sound asleep right now, I'm going to post this and sneak out) to see if she would feel good enough to go and we could both finish the bulletin together, thus getting it done faster, I'm going to be later then I had hoped to be. Might even be 7pm depending on traffic. With just me I'll get stuck unable to use the commuter lane and that can drag the drive to 45 minutes or more.

Anyway, I got a message from one of the helpers just before I was heading out that said someone told her her hud said to UPDATE. I have NO clue what is going on. The HUD is supposed to be fixed, so many the scripter will be giving me a new one tonight. If not, I will find out why it's doing that.

In the mean time, remember, if you need to have any reset (like #11 that was broken for awhile) please send a note card (my IMs get capped) to me or to Jasmine Princess. She is able to reset and we are on at different times.

When I get on tonight I will be helping the last two shops register, then I will be putting a gift box out for the shop that was dropped at my sim with a new plant for everyone. Or with some nice gift. Unless that is I get on and one of the shops has a gift... I offered them the slot first. ;)

I have to run, no time for more, but I hope this helps you all. Tonight we will start setting up for the final gifts for those that have completed the hunt. After tonight all shops should be registered, and then when the gift area is done, there are a lot of shops that have extra gifts, so need to catch them all on and have them fill the new boxes, I will post it here that the final gift box is ready.

Till then... Happy Hunting!

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