Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Promising Update!

First off... I'm sorry. I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and was up early for it. When I got home, I was beat. The drive can take up to 45 minutes, 30 if I'm lucky. The meeting was longer, because it was a results meeting from my sleep study. By the time I got home is was afternoon and I was hot and tired. So I figured I had time for a nap before I needed to get on to catch the scripter. WRONG! I fell asleep and NOTHING would wake me up. The tv, my mother, NOTHING could scream at me enough to wake me... for 17 HOURS!

So I missed meeting the scripter. And I missed getting more done. But I have been on today and there is a NEW hud out. This hud is version 1.0. It is great! Because IT COUNTS! ;)

That's right, it counts how many shops, and how many you have left and if you have completed the hunt. Every time you TP to a new location, it re-registers. It does NOT show the last place you were. Ignor that part. BUT it shows the rest. So this is GREAT NEWS!

Now, where do you get one? Well I handed it out in a notice to the vendors. However, not all are on now, so you can get a new one at my place. It will ask you to register again, you say yes, and it says you are already registered, but gives you the new hud.

As for the final shops and final gifts... The final shops should be loaded, I know I keep saying that but I'm working with them right now, tonight sometime. Well I can't say all, but two of them will be. The last one I have to wait till someone gets on. But the other two are on now and I'm helping them out.

The scripter got the final scripts to me for the final bonus gifts. But one of the scripts isn't saving, it's giving me an error. I'm hoping that she can get on tonight. She mentioned this afternoon in an email that she would try. So hopefully that will get fixed soon.

However, no worries. I can see who finishes the hunt and if I have to hand the gifts out personally to each person I will. I HOPE this doesn't happen, right now there are a couple hundred on the edge of finishing. :) That'd be a LOT of name searches. ;) The GOOD news about this taking a little longer is that two shops who didn't have time to make a bonus gift have now made them. So there will be more final bonus gifts then we first hoped for.

So, hopefully things will be a lot better in a few hours... And luckily tomorrow I don't have ANY appointments. Nope, not till Thursday and Friday. :P

Happy Hunting!

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