Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two Extra Days?

Okay, I have been looking the spreadsheet that my helpers are keeping to help me know who has what and have noticed that more then HALF of the vendors do not have the new poster up. Some even have the poster from Aug. 1st.

Tomorrow morning (this morning) I am going to send out a new poster with new locations. I am going to go around and look to see for myself who has their poster up and who doesn't. If I can NOT reach enough people, if I can NOT be sure that everyone will have their gift out, I will push the hunt back by 2 days. This is because I won't be one of those hunts where people start it and can't go to the 3rd place because it's not got a gift box. I rather be one that had to wait a few days then have that happen.

I hope that this will NOT be the case... But since no one has really told me they will be ready, and some don't even have the new posters, I am worried.

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