Sunday, August 2, 2009

Helper Change - Aurore Belgar

One of the helpers hasn't contacted me, that I can find, or made sure that things were in order. I think something happened. So, because I don't have time to mess with a whole set of shops not having a helper, I got a new helper. Aurore Belgar will be taking over Bobcat's shops.

Aurore Belgar:
AD Memories
Angel's Low Price Shop
Anguana Designs for Mermaids
N A Designs by Naomi Anatine
Rihanna Goldflakes Designs
SZ Designs
WOOT Air Horns Nautical Goods

If you are one of these shop owners, or in the case of this set, the mall/sim owner, then you now need to be talking to Aurore Belgar for all your needs.

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