Friday, August 7, 2009

Vendors - Don't Forget...

Vendors, last night there were a lot of things going on, a lot of scripting issues that has had me awake and in Second Life for over 30 hours straight (thank goodness for spell check, cause the typos right now are so bad due to lack of sleep) now just to try to get this hunt started on time. And because of the multiple scripting error found in the first version, where hunters could get 1-13 of the same item, we had to get a new script sent out last night after already sending half the gift boxes out. I got the new, good one out. But not everyone has been on to change that script out. So I could either postpone for more hours while we waiting or let people get 13 of everything. ;)

Since nothing is transferable I went to the 13 or 3, for those that hadn't change their scripts, rather then wait longer. But there are hunters that have no idea what is going on. So hurry to get those scripts changed! The script can be found in the vendor's group notice history.

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