Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nothing Yet....Again...

As you know, I always keep you up to date on everything, even the bad.... As also some of you know, I'm a Seventh-day Adventist, so I am not normally around from Friday night to Saturday night. But I kept around the computer all day today (Saturday), watching for an e-mail or an IM or something from the scripter.... Nothing.

Now, it is late enough that I know I won't see her tonight. So, since I haven't seen or heard from her... I have no idea when she will be on.

I have an idea... At first I hadn't suggested this idea because I thought that it would cause her more work. However, since knowing a lot of what she'd done, I was able to get on my domain and copy the files needed and make the folders and files and databases that would be needed.... I did that Friday night. However, if this idea works, I still need a certain script from her. But once I get that, it shouldn't take me but a few hours to test the theory and get things set up.

And if the next time I hear from her I find out this isn't going to work.... then I WILL go to plan B. What is it? Not telling! *giggles* Because I have 2 actually that will work, so will do the one that gets the bonus gift area set up as quickly as possible. With any luck it will be ready by Monday, well at least ready for the gift givers to load up with prezzies for all you great hunters! ;) Then the final gift box and LM will be set up for you hunters who have completed the hunt to grab!

I'm going to try to get to bed early tonight, knock on wood, because if I remember right, one Sunday the scripter got a chance to get on, it was like 8:30 am and I am NEVER on then unless I get to bed EARLY or not go to sleep! :D And I can't afford to stay up all night, got a new sleep study coming up, and I know it'll be hard to get up, but hope that I hear her BEEP when I get her IM... if I get it. ;)

So have a good night.... I will try to get a sign up because it seems some aren't reading the blog, so if you happen on someone that looks lost... please point them to the blog. Thanks!

Happy Hunting!

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