Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stuff Happens!

It's an old saying, but it's true. And in SL it's more Real Life Happens.

The scripter didn't check her email before leaving for work. So I have yet to get the scripts. So I have yet to send out the hunt boxes. :(

But as one of the vendors said... "The 7th lasts 24 hours. We have all day the 7th to get the hunt started." Thanks, Carol, that made me smile.

However, I'd like to get it started at midnight as planned.

In any case, several shops have dropped out. Morgan Cyr has even been abusive enough to start IMing some of the vendors in the Vendor's Group and slandering my name to them. I had them complaining to me that Morgan wouldn't shut up and leave them alone. So it seems that some of the vendors that left did so with a bad attitude. And though I'm glad they left, no one needs that type of attitude in a fun loving hunt, leaving did leave holes.

If you happen to be a shop, or know someone with a shop, that can get a gift done in time, I will be happy to slip you in at the last minute. But please be quick about it. I want to make sure you are set up.

Thanks for those of you who have been so very patient with everyone's real life that took presidence over their second life. We all are happy to have you in the hunt.

Regardless of what time this hunt starts on the 7th, you can still be rest assured that there is going to be no other like it. And that the designers that did stay are some of the best lesser known designers in Second Life. No one will want to miss this hunt!

See you at the hunt!

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