Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The HUD is Done and WORKS!

Hey there! I just tested the HUD with the scripter and it works! Unfortunately it too a lot longer to get those bugs worked out then she had hoped. And since she's got a real job, she won't be able to get back on the computer till tomorrow AFTERNOON, not NOON.

So PLEASE be patient. We will have your gift boxes ready Wednesday night sometime. The important part was to get the bugs out of the HUD as that is what is registering the boxes/gifts and how many and how many left and all that. So basically the hard part is done.

Also, I will be picking a few new places as starting points. I will be doing this in the morning. This means one more poster. Though I will post them here too, so that people following the blog can come here as well to get the next spot. These places will get a couple of the HUD dispensers. This way should there be any rush, people can go through starting from there. They just need to remember that when they end there, that they return to AmberMyst for the gift that they are to unlock.

Till tomorrow... Happy Hunting.

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