Friday, August 7, 2009

Hunters: Missing... part 2

#11 - is missing it's gift. Use the SLURL list to the left and skip it so that it doesn't register with your HUD and you have to contact the shop owner for a new gift when it gets filled.

Hunters, this is a new script. The vendors did know that they couldn't put the boxes back into their inventory after filling it. So some of them are having a hard time. Some may end up empty. If they end up empty, send me a note card with your name, the time that it happened, and the location it happened. I will then get in touch with the shop owners to make sure everything gets their gifts.

And #22 is still missing.... ;)

Thanks for your understanding. We are so excited about this and all that has gone into it, but because it is a script heavy hunt, there are more ways for it to give us a problem. So your patience and kindness is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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