Sunday, August 9, 2009

Problems with the HUD

The HUD is still not counting. VISUALLY. But it IS counting internally. Your stops are being logged. The only thing NOT going on is that you can SEE what ones you have left.

I have been assured by the scripter that these problems will be fixed, namely the hud counting, but the time that the rest of the shops log in. I pray that this will happen.

The scripter told me that there was a problem with the web site, something about some sort of update it did that had her working to update the scripts on the web site the day before the hunt. But there seems to be more problems every time she tries to fix the hud. I am tempted to make the hud blank and let everyone just count their own. It was done that way to help you keep track of if you needed to get another one or not. If you had completed it or not. But that hud is causing more problems then I ever dreamed.

To be honest, I am at my witz end. I had been told that this would work. That everything would be okay. I had hoped that it would work out. But so many are NOT reading the blog. I have been gone only for 6 hours (I HAD to take a nap, I've spent the last 6 days in Second LIfe when not sleeping. And the two days before the hunt I didn't even sleep. I have done everything in my power to make this hunt work, to the point of updating this blog with all the problems, or the good news, as often as possible. To keep everyone in the know. Yet so many aren't looking here, so I'm having to repeat myself over and over and over in note cards.

So... Here is how it stands as of this moment.

1. The hud does not count VISUALLY. Once you register you don't even need to wear it.

2. Some of the shops have not registered yet. They had all planned to be online at least once the 24 hours before the hunt started, but then the hud didn't get finished until halfway through the start date and many of them had to deal with real life things and won't be on till Sunday or so.

3. We are having a problem with the umbrellas going to "BUSY" mode. I have NO idea why this is happening. I left a message with the scripter about it, then took my nap, got back and she'd left a message that the hud was working and nothing about the busy mode. (no hud isn't working)

4. HUNT2HUNT is the hunter's group. There is usually someone there that can help. Got a problem, that's the group to add so you can figure it out. They do all kinds of hunts, so it's a very useful group to be involved in.

5. If you touch it and something happens and you don't get the gift, send a note card with the error message, or just that you didn't get it, to the shop owner. They know there are problems, so they are aware that some gifts may have to be handed out personally.

6. A couple of the shops are not registered. As soon as they are, they will be posted. You can then go back to them.

7. All SLURLs are on the side, you can go to the next one if you get a problem.

Anything else, let me know. I am trying very hard to get this handled. I was told it would work, I was told it would work, I was promised things will work out. I am doing everything I can to get this working. I am sorry when you have issues.

If a couple problems along the way causes you too much headache, wait a week. The hunt will be around all month and a week into September. So wait a week, we will be here, and hopefully by then no more problems. Keep an eye on this blog. You will know what is happening all the time from here.

Thanks... Sorry... Happy Hunting!

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