Friday, July 31, 2009

On For A Few Hours

As I've told my vendors before... Keep track of the blog. ;)

Because... I have been unable to get online for days now. I won't go into the details, but the main one that stopped me from doing anything last night was the shot I got of steriods into the muscle connecting my shoulder and arm. It felt like he hit a nerve, but there was novicane that soon numbed it. Until later that is. Within a few hours even my morhpine wouldn't help. I could almost double the dose and it wasn't TOUCHING the pain. Worste part... it was in my right shoulder. I couldn't type, or write or anything, much less move it. It's been bad, real bad. And the doctor I saw today only helped make me now able to move it, hours later as the stuff HE injected into my shoulder started working.

So... I'm here. For a couple hours. But not on my computer, on my mom's laptop. This makes it hard, as I can't read my mail. But I will be logging into SL and trying to do what I can from there. I have a sleep study tonight, that I have to leave for in a few hours. But before I go, I'm involved in another hunt and I need to get a gift ready and put out before I go. I hope I can do it fast on a computer I'm not used to. ;)

The good news... Once the sleep study is done in the morning, I'll be back home before noon and I can get online then and spend the whole day, well what is left of it. And Sunday. So that we can get things all settled and ready.

Talk to you all soon! Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Offline 2-3 Days Longer Then I Meant To Be But...

Sorry I have been offline longer then expected. Mom came home Monday and I haven't been able to get back online yet between not getting my computer back into the office and taking care of things here and getting her settled back in as well as going to doctor's appointments all week long.

The good news, I'll be on either tonight or tomorrow afternoon when I get back from ANOTHER doctor's appointment. Promise. ;)

Till then... Have fun! And I am looking forward to the hunt. All things are going good. Only a week and a half till the hunt!

Monday, July 27, 2009

You Haven't Seen Me But... The Hunt is Going Strong!

My mom comes home at 10:30pm tonight. I have spent the last 3 days cleaning the house. So I haven't been on SL in 3 or 4 days. Though normally not on on Friday night to Saturday night (my Sabbath) I usually can be found on Sunday, but Sunday was spent cleaning. As was most of Friday. I will be online again tonight or in the morning at which time I will address all the note cards and messages (if they werne't capped) I got while away. If you sent message, resend as note card. Thanks!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Layout!

Okay, we've got a new layout! Ready for the hunt!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

THE LIST of helpers and shops!

Tiea Aeon:
Aster's Builds
Enzo's Freehold
Liz's Independent Marketplace
made by margerita
Princess Jasmine Designs
The Wicked Garden by PP
Wicked Garden

Aster Orchicz:
Brocade Tiger
Embyr's Inferno
FD Decor
Picture Your World
SteelnKisses Photographs
Trixxy's Shop

Bobcat Hammerthall:
AD Memories
Angel's Low Price Shop
Anguana Designs for Mermaids
N A Designs by Naomi Anatine
Rihanna Goldflakes Designs
SZ Designs
WOOT Air Horns Nautical Goods

Jasmine Princess:
A Touch of Surreal Designs
Echo Store
Lemania Indigo Designs
Love My Textures Main Store
Mish Mish Store
Crush My Hopes, LTD

Liznwiz Wei:
Elinars Statue Shop
Jazmyn D
Marvel's Dress Shop

Margerita oh:
Bleeding Rose Designs
Easy Street
Green and Wild Garden Center
Mega Store Sexy Angel

MissMag Muircastle:
Fairy Pearls Design
Coull Creations
Starlight Photos
The Caproni Style
Troubled Rebel

Pussycat Pike:
Beck Island
Earthly Delights
Fire GOOD!
Lacie Dayz
Shabby Chic
Sinous Shapes
Sirens Song Seaside & Sea Witche

Yasmine Variscan:
Bootiful Creations
DragonLady Designs
Leaa Magic Photography
Totally Awesome Fashions

The List Is DONE!

Okay, I'm in a lot of pain, so I'll post it tomorrow, later today. I've gotten the completed list of which shops and which helpers are helping which shops and all that will be added to the blog and everyone notified tomorrow.

But it's done! Yeah!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dates Changing!

After talking to several of the shop owners, I have decided to change the dates rather then cancel the hunt.

Luckily I have help this time, so I only need to push it back a week. And I'm thinking this will help the hunt too because it will overlap into the next month.

The new dates are August 7th to September 7th.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lists to be finished tonight!

Sorry about the delay in getting the list. I had a doctor's visit the other day and he started me on some new meds that were supposed to help me. Instead of helping me, they made me sleep most of the time the last 3 days. I'm upset because it wasn't supposed to cause sleep but get me out of the funk the morphine causes me to be in most the time. Apparently because of the amount of morphine I have to take, it is pretty high, the amount of stimulant to bring me out of the funk that I live in has to be pretty high. High enough that I don't have the right dose. I kept sleeping, couldn't keep my eyes open this afternoon. The whole thing pretty much sucks. It doesn't matter how much I want to do this hunt, my body isn't letting me. I did try to reach him on Friday, but he'd already closed his office (early on Friday) by the time I was able to wake up. So.... I have seriously thought about pulling out of the hunt. But I have been asked not to. So I am going to keep going. Just please be patient with me.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Change In Plans Regarding The Hunt

Someone just brought something up to me. How are they to give me the final gift? Will they need to give it to me full perm or trans or what, so that it could be put into the final big box? And it got me to thinking...

Here is how it will work.

A hunter will go around and touch each gift. As they do, it will register with the HUD that they touched that gift and got ONE COPY of it. The hud will also tell them the last gift they touched, for those doing it over the course of more then one day.

Then when they get to the final gift, ONLY if they have touched ALL of the gifts will this final gift be given to them. ONLY if every one is touched. Even missing one will make it so that you can't open that final gift.

Inside this final gift will be a new hud and a new location. The hunter will have to wear the NEW hud in order to be able to open all the gifts that will be laid out in a special room. So far about half the shops have agreed to supply another gift for the end of the hunt, for those that finish the whole thing.

If someone gets to the final gift but hasn't touched them all, it won't open.

If someone tells a friend where the final location is, and they go to that special room and start to drool and touch all the gifts... it won't work because they will not have that final hud. The ONLY way they will be able to open all the special gifts, is if they have gotten a new hud, and the only way to get the new hud will be to have gotten ALL the gifts.

Hope this answers some of your questions. :)

Happy Hunting!

The List Is Almost DONE!

Okay, folks! I have been working now for 8 hours trying to make sure that I've found and looked at all the vendors who applied. Not 8 straight hours as I have a dog that demands to be taken out or she'll pee the floor, when SHE wants to. ;) And cats that do the same. And cats that want fed, and a dog that wanted fed and ... you get the picture. But for at least 6 of the 8 hours it was nothing more then working on the list of who's in and who isn't and writing to ones who I needed to question....

Oh and the biggest drawback? SL keeps crashing! So, the list will be worked on more today. I'm calling it a night for now. If you have NOT heard from me by the time I post the list here, you need to contact me. I got a note from a shop today asking why I hadn't contacted them and I found out because they didn't name their note card correctly and therefore it got lost in the MANY MANY ones I get each night from shops. It only had a shop name, and that just makes me think it's another update and I can't always check them all the time. So remember, it MUST have SUMMER FUN HUNT in the title or it may get overlooked by accident.

Till later...