Sunday, August 23, 2009

Can you hear me sighing...?

I'm sighing, groaning, pounding my head on the table. I stayed close to the computer all day today, VERY close so that I didn't even get my house work done for fear I'd miss her, just to be sure I was here when she got on. But... no scripter. Not even a small message. Nothing.

Here is when I sigh some more. I got everyone packing the bonus gifts up and I have the option of just putting the one script in, but then everyone would have to wait while the box looked at the web site to see if they completed the hunt, for ever single box. Would take about 3 times the time to get the same amount of gifts that way. Not what I want, or you I'm sure.

So, I am sending up even more prayers that she reads her mail in the morning and deals with this. The last I heard she would be on Friday night. Since she wasn't, I'd kept hoping she made it on one day this weekend, after all she knew I was waiting on her..... But nothing.

This leaves me with no other options. No more testing, no more nothing. If she doesn't get on Monday, I'll just have to do it the hard way. But everyone send up a prayer that she gets on at work at least and checks her e-mail. I just need that one script, and I can get this set up. Everything else is all ready.....

Also, I put a sign out... so that people check the blog that have finished the hunt.... and find out that I AM trying to get them up... but it's not set up yet.

Talk to you soon! Happy Hunting!

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