Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Gift Boxes Are Ready

Just a short entry, because I have to run get my pain medication before it gets past midnight....

The gift boxes are done! Whoo hoo! The scripter has got all the bugs out. So when I get back I will give a shout out to the group to find out who is online. Those online will get their boxes first. Then I will get the rest out.

I have been on for over 15 hours and so I HAVE to have a break and I have to get my meds. Because the scripter has a job and needed sleep too, she won't be able to get the final gift boxes, those bonus gifts that people finishing the hunt will get, until tomorrow after work. But we do have the main ones, the important ones. I have to load them with landmarks and rename them and then send them out to you.

See you all soon!

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