Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've Been Sick - Need the hud?

Yes - The bonus area is still up. It will be up for 2 more weeks as promised.

No - Not everyone has gotten the hud that gave me a note card. Because I've been in very bad shape the last few days. The newest doctor I have found out two things that are causing the problems. Now to try to fix it. And hope it makes my life a little better.

Maybe - I HOPE to get on tomorrow and give out the hud to those that did NOT get it. If you have NOT gotten it, but you gave me a note card, I will post here when I've gone through all the ones I can find. Then if you still haven't, just re-send and I will get it to you. Or just resend now to be on the safe side.

I know not many will watch this now, but those waiting on the hud, I hope you see this. I can't get into SL tonight. But hope to in the morning.

Happy Hunting!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Not Ignoring Your Notes

I'm sorry, I've been laid up for a few days. In fact, since I posted the Hunt Is Over post. I won't get into boring details, but I've got 2 specialists I see tomorrow, and then should be on tomorrow night.

I've got a TON of note cards, and will read and reply soon. Sorry for the delay, but my pain got in the way.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The hunt is OVER!


If you got all of them but the few that have been having problems, send me a note card titled: SFH - {Your Name} - I tried to finish

Example: SFH - Tiea Aeon - I tried to finish


Simple, the BONUS Area will be OPEN for at LEAST 2 more weeks so that those that tried to finish, and those that had to go on business trips before the Bonus Area got put out, get a chance at the over 30 gifts that some great shop owners put out!

I was unable to get on yesterday due to personal reasons, and I have to run now too, but wanted to get this out so that those keeping an eye on the blog know what to do next.

What IS next? Well... the next hunt isn't till Jan. I'll put a link here when I get that site up... That is, if I go ahead with the promised Winter hunt... we will see... ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missing? Broken? What do you do???

Okay, these are the final broken or missing locations.

If you are missing one of them, or all of them, send me a note card with your name & SFH BONUS HUD in the title and I will get you set up.

#13 - Divine Shapes - GONE no word why or what is going on.
#20 - Bootiful Creations - Backed out, due to things breaking too much (temp out at my sim with special gift, go to shop at top of ramp from landing point, 4 on wall - 2 in shop for their hunt Crimson Immortal Art & vampire shop)
#53 -DivaLicious - Backed out, due to personal reasons (temp out at my sim with special gift, go to shop at top of ramp from landing point, 4 on wall - 2 in shop for their hunt Crimson Immortal Art & vampire shop)
#55 -Bleeding Rose Designs - MISSING (temp out at my sim with special gift, go to shop at top of ramp from landing point, 4 on wall - 2 in shop for their hunt Crimson Immortal Art & vampire shop)
#60 -Xeena's Garden Centre - Backed out, can't handle the notecards (temp out at my sim with special gift, go to shop at top of ramp from landing point, 4 on wall - 2 in shop for their hunt Crimson Immortal Art & vampire shop)
#68 -Cheeky Lemon, Can't find it, contacted, no reply

#50 is working!

#70- Trubble moved!  But they don't have it out yet. :(  One hunter talked to the owner (then told me) and Tracy said she'd get it out later tonight.  New location posted here.

#12 - Trixxy's is now in an ADULT area.  You can get it by going to this sim, which is NOT adult.
#35 - I was just booted, but I'm told the LM isn't right here, I'll look when I get back, but right now this is the only one I have.

Jessa Levasseur has been added as a helper since Jasmine lost her internet.  If you get a message from her, she IS helping me.

If you have had ANY problems with these, let me know.  4 have temp locations so you can touch it and make them register, and a special gift from me, and 2 will be put up by morning.  Just need to get the gifts made for them.

The bonus area will be open for another 3 weeks.  This is to make sure that everyone who tried to complete the hunt, will get a shot at getting the bonus gifts.  So keep hunting!  You have till midnight on Monday/Tuesday morning, to finish the hunt.  

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Known Missing Shops

These are the KNOWN shops that have pulled out or are missing. If you need them, they are set up here and have a special gift from AmberMyst Botanical Designs. Just look at the ones on the wall of the shop. Right now there are 4 in a row. (Just added 13 & 68 to this list, so will add them to the wall as soon as I can)

#13 - Divine Shapes - GONE no word why or what wis going on.
#20 - Bootiful Creations - Backed out, due to things breaking too much
#53 -DivaLicious - Backed out, due to personal reasons
#55 -Bleeding Rose Designs - MISSING
#60 -Xeena's Garden Centre - Backed out, can't handle the notecards
#68 -Can't find it, gonna set up temp tomorrow if no contact by then.

As most know, today was my Sabbath, so I didn't have as much time inworld as I hoped. However, I did get a note card from someone with a few more MIA ones. I have a friend who will go to EVERY ONE in the morning and we will report here the ones missing.

For those that don't know, DragonLady, Enzo's, Jasmine's, Crimson, all have more then one umbrella. So if you get sent there again, that's because there is another one there.

If you have shop issues, send me a note card. I'm doing what I can.

Goodnight and Happy Hunting

Hmmm.. Guess My Few Minutes Took Longer..

Why? Because no sooner did I get in-world and looking at my note cards that I started to regret my past post. In it I was being honest, I let you all know why I did what I did, why I said what I said. It was in no way my fault that Jodie decided to tell me she's put it back out RIGHT THEN, then not do it. Yes, I know there is a real life out there. I know that real life can take over second life even when we don't want it to. But it is rude and uncalled for to tell someone you are going to do something "now," when in all honesty you mean "when I can get to it". Not to mention an out and out lie.

If you DO tell someone you are going to do something right now, only you meant "later", and God forbid, something happens and you can't get online to do it, don't be pissed if the someone you made the promise to gets upset. You said "now", it wasn't done "now", nor meant to be done "now", so what are they to think?

No matter what was said, the core of this is not that she promised me then didn't do it, it is that when I found out what was going on, I honestly, and from the bottom of my heart, said I was sorry for the misunderstanding. But it was a useless appology, one that I didn't know at the time I wrote it would never be read by her. Because when I got in-world, I found out she'd already done quite a few things, all from things she had "heard" was on the blog. Even if she'd waited to get a clarification of what was going on, she'd not have read the blog, she was all going on what someone else had read and told her.

Her actions shocked me.

First she sicked a "friend" on me, sending me a VERY nasty, untrue note that had this person going off of what 'someone said they read' on this blog.

Then she sent me a note that was also very nasty and, like her friend said, "unprofessional".

Now, normally I do not air my dirty laundry for all the public to see. And even though these letters that were sent were very VERY uncalled for and VERY mean and rude and basically just vile filth meant to try to hurt me in some way, I won't post them here.

But I will post that she made me instantly regret my other post. And I will post her threat.

Yes, it would seem that Jodie, the owner of DivaLicous, has threatened me personally. Of course she didn't say WHAT she was going to do. But she did threaten me that this was far from over, when it basically was over the instant she pulled out of the hunt.

WHY she is threatening me is as stupid as the threat.

It's all over a post that I made not too long ago. In that post I stated: #54 - DivaLicious PROMISED me a few days ago that she would put the gift back out. It still is not out. I can't force someone to do it. But I will be sure not to let them into another hunt if they can't keep up with one because they are listed with 8.

For those unsure why she took offence to this, I'll break it into the 3 parts of the post.

The first part said that she had promised to do something, but she hadn't.

The second part said that I can't force people to do it, it meaning put things out. I made that statement because by the time I posted this I'd gotten a TON of note cards complaining about it not being there.

The third part said that I would be sure to not let anyone into another hunt that can't keep up with my hunt because they are listed with 8 other hunts.

No where in that sentence do I say I won't let HER into another hunt. Or do I say that no one ELSE should let HER into their hunt. It is a blank statement of how I will be more careful in the future to make sure that ANYONE unable to keep up with my hunt, will not be allowed in another of my hunts. You have to read the whole paragragh, the part where I say "I can't force SOMEONE" then say "I won't let THEM", not pick and choose the sentances you want to read. And i
t seems that people were reading it and incerting her name.

If her actions make them think I meant her, not my fault.

Though I won't lie, I was thinking of her when I wrote it, her and anyone like her who kept ignoring messages and notices and my hard work and the hard work of the helpers. All of which did this for no pay.

I had a helper trying to reach her all the time. They left messages REPEATEDLY. I left messages. We had to message her repeatedly over several days, before I finally got the reply that she was so bogged down because she was in 8 hunts at the time that she didn't even notice that the hunt wasn't over and that she'd put it all out right now.

From that statement I assumed she meant NOW, as in as soon as she dropped the notecard into my inventory that she'd go do it. This was 3 days after she took them udown So when a week went by with no action at all, I had no choice but to assume she wasn't going to fix it.

Out of all this, out of all that happened, the one thing that I do NOT understand is how she could look at the poster with HUGE red words saying "EXTENDED till Sep. 14th" and delete it. Not to mention it was NEVER the 1st when it ended.

Honestly, I wouldn't even be writing this entry if she hadn't threatened me. I'd have said my appology, and gotten on with my life. But I worked my ass off for this hunt, I went without sleep, I woke up with headaches, I didn't get MY store in order or get anything new done in my sim because I was always trying to make this hunt the best it could be.

So many times I just wanted to toss in the towel and just walk away. "It's only a hunt", people would tell me. "Your health means more," or "It doesn't matter if they have to wait to get #whatever fixed," were other statements I got. From day one you all have seen the problems I've had, I haven't sugar coated it. And no matter the problem, I worked through it. I kept working at it till it worked or I dropped. Not to be praised, not for any "thank you", and no, not for the entrance fee, which went to pay the scripter, not me. No, I did it because I wanted people to enjoy it. I wanted to have a hunt that people would WANT to finish. One that when they got to the end they were like "WOW! That was fun!"

I've gotten a few of those comments I've gotten a few note cards thanking me and the crew. But more then that I've gotten HUGE headaches because some of the shop owners refused to read the notices and refused to answer the IMs or the note cards and because the scripter didn't get the scripts done in time, and then they kept breaking, and never got the final ones done (a friend fixed those for me, thank God!), and then as the whole thing was going to end... just when I thought smooth sailing, the bonus area was open, everything iwasworking... my domain suddenly had problems and we had even more scripting issues.

I've laid my soul out in this blog, not for pitty or for applause. I've done it so that you know the truth behind what happened, and what might happen. Because of her threat, I have a sinking feeling that sooner or later, things will be said. People like that, that threaten like that, always start something. And I won't have lies coming out first, so that people see that then look to me to defend myself. I'll defend myself now, before any of her lies or hate gets around. Because I am a good person and I don't deserve to be lied about.

So, to those people that messaged me about what you "heard" I wrote about.. maybe this time you will read it yourself before you start spouting out your bile at me.

And for Jodie, as you can see, I don't take threats lightly. I have done nothing wrong. And if YOU would read the blog like you agreed to when you applied for the hunt, maybe then you would see that what you think was said and what WAS said are two different things.
But you may never even read this, because it seems that you don't remember the application. Or did you not read the application either? It said clearly to keep an eye on the blog for important information, something you haven't been doing or you'd have known that the hunt didn't end the first... but then reading the sign you deleted would have told you that too.

To the rest of you.... forgive me if I sound cold or hard or pissed off or mad or just plain out and out like a mean person. I'm sitting here in PAIN right now because I wasn't going to let a threat go unanswered, and the pain tends to make me short sometimes. I just couldn't get to sleep knowing that someone out there was about ready to do something or say something bad about me when I'd done nothing wrong.

Good night..... I'll update the broken ones and stuff tomorrow night, or afternoon, sometime after church. If I don't get sleep now I'll never make it to church and right now I really REALLY need to feel loved, and that is one place I always feel loved. It doesn't matter if I do mess up, as long as I say I'm sorry, and I try to do better next time, I'm forgiven and I'm loved. It's what we all need from time to time. There is just too much hate in this world. Too many people out to make our lives miserable and rotten, make us feel like we don't matter, that what we do for others goes un-noticed, or that we just don't count.

We all count. We all matter. Even those threatening us or trying to make our lives a living hell. Even they count. No matter how vile they are. We all can fall. It's what we do when we fall that will show who we are, will mold who we become.... And who we look to.... Good night, Sweet Dreams...

Friday, September 11, 2009

And Now For Something Else...

I am lucky that I have some really great friends who offered to help in the hunt. I took a few minutes tonight to look at my e-mails, to see if there was something important in the IMs I got today while I was away and saw a few new things.

One was the below item.

Two was the fact that Yasmine has been going around to all the shops I've noted and checking to see which ones are working and which ones aren't. She also checked several others.
Here is her report:
number 63 - roaddogg's racing shop and paint .... found the umbrella ... seems to be working fine
number 59 .... I found the umbrella ... seems to be working fine

I also got a message from one of the hunters who was having issues with a lot of the shops. She let me know that most are working now. So the owners must have re-set them. I've asked them all to check them once a day to make sure that they aren't "busy" and if they are, to re-set the scripts.

So, remember, if you get a busy signal, leave the owner a message and I'm sure they will re-set them as soon as they can.

One last sad note. I got several messages from #20 -Bootiful Creations this morning. The first said that she confused the SFH hunt with another hunt. She also said she was really sorry, she hoped it could get worked out. Then I got another message saying she'd read the notices in the group and she'd stay out of the hunt. Then a third saying she'd read the blog and that she hadn't said what I put, that I was to delete it. To be totally honest, I'm totally confused about all the messages. I tried last night to work it out with her and it wasn't until she logged out without answering my last IM asking what exactly she meant, that I needed to know if she was pulling out or not, that I went to her shop to find see if I could find the umbrella. Like she said, she'd put the poster in the shop, but I couldn't find the umbrella. I happen to have this little wand that will help me find them, it was made by the scripter who did the scripts, it seeks those scripts out, and it could only find the umbrella next door, not one in her shop. So all I could assume was that she had pulled out, like she told me she was going to do. Well now after all these messages, I went there and even the poster is gone. I have NO IDEA what is going on. I'm sorry, I'm totally lost. I am leaving another note card for her in hopes of getting this fixed one way or the other. She is more then welcome to stay in the hunt if she wishes. I only said she was "out" because SHE said she was pulling out. That she was tired of things being broken. If she wants back in, I will post it here. If she doesn't, I will post here a place where you can go to touch an umbrella that will at least register the shop.

So... I think I better go in-world for a couple minutes, but then I HAVE to head to bed, I'm in a lot of pain.

I'll Admit When I'm Wrong...

I will readily admit when I am wrong. I've been in a lot of pain lately, as well as under a lot of stress with the hunt suddenly having problems a few days before the end. So when the lady who owns #53 DivaLicious replied to the note card I sent her about her pulling the umbrella 2 weeks before the hunt was to end, with a note card of her own saying she was sorry, and that she'd put it back right away, I assumed that she meant right then. So when it never got out, I had no idea what to think, and may have put my frustration of it out in the blog.

It has come to my attention tonight that she's been in the hosptial since the day she sent me that reply. I'm guessing as soon as she dropped it into my inventory, something must have happened to take her instantly away from the computer and right into the hospital, but I don't know the details nor would I post them here if I did, as that's her personal stuff.

However, I did want to make sure that it was not my intention to falsely paint her in a bad light. I was only going on what I'd been given, what I knew about, and that the note card she gave me said that she was going to do it right then. Though with all my known medical problems, I could easily see sending something to someone in-world, having to suddenly get up and go to the hospital without so much as a word to anyone in-world. I've had those types of days, when SL crashed while I was doing something, and was in so much pain that I just couldn't see going back in-world until I could get my pain meds to work.

So, to the person who IM'd me (I got it via e-mail as I've been out all day due to the medical tests last night), and the lady herself, I'm sorry if my words hurt anyones feelings or caused any undo stress. There was a reason she didn't follow through with what she said she'd do, a very very good reason. I will keep her in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been in world now for over 7 hours. I had to be there to get my tier paid, and I won't go into it, but since sales were next to non existent this month, no time to make new stock till recently, I had to try to get the funds from my bank card... Long story short, I was on the phone with Linden Labs forEVER yesterday and today trying to get my info to be accepted and in the end finally got enough Lindens to cover it. That took 3 hours today, and the rest of the time I've spent dealing with the hunt. And the problems.

Seems we have a shop that has yet to put their gift back out. #53 Divalious is STILL not out. They took it back on the 1st, and it was NEVER the 1st, then when I talked to them they promised on the 3rd to put it back. It's still gone. So I will figure something out.

Now we all know the problems the domain has had. In fact, I've had nothing but one problem after another. But I've been here, as much as physically possible, and beyond, trying to get solutions to those problems. Today a shop pulled out because they didn't like how things kept breaking. #20 -Bootiful Creations gave me a message that they were putting it inside, they were tired of the IM being capped, and tired of things breaking.

As you also know, I have had NO control over the breaks this last week. Something happened on my domain, they went down, or did an upgrade or SOMETHING, I spent HOURS with that tech support and still I was the one that fixed it by re-setting all the scripts on the web site.

Now for some reason many of them keep going to BUSY again. When this was fixed at the begining of the hunt, the scripter fixed something in the script and everything worked. However, Bizet has flown the coup. She is no more. I was able to get a couple short replies from her, but she's done as far as she's concerned with the scripts. So I'm on my own. Luckily Cammi fixed the bonus hud, or that would have been a mess!

.... Now I'm out of Second Life, but I'll be back tonight MAYBE. I have to go to a sleep study tonight. I have to leave EARLY because it's an hour drive. I WILL get to the note cards, I promise. It came down to those talking to me while I was online got handeled. And the note cards didn't get touched, because after dealing with LL, then some shop owners, I had some hunters IMing me....

The ones that are broken, I will figure something out... just give me tonight to find something out. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Attached is the new LM and Slurl of NO. 35 - Magia

You Got A What????

"I'm trying to get a gift, and I keep getting a busy signal. What do I do?"

I have gotten a LOT of note cards like this today. In fact a TON of them.

First off, if a place is "BUSY". Send the owner a note card, before you contact me, because the owner is the one that must re-set the script. Then if you can't get them within a day or so, let me know.

There are still some missing or broken. People are worried about not getting the bonus gifts. The bonus gifts will be out LONGER then the hunt. So if you get to the end, and have only broken ones left, I will make sure that you get the bonus gifts. It's not your fault, you went there, they just weren't working.

I have no clue why they are not working right now. But I can tell you that leaving me a note card sometimes will take longer, because then I have to leave a note with the owner and in the mean time you might have caught them online. ;) So try them first.

Here is the current list:
#4, I will put out in the morning.
#50, I sent a note card to, they don't even have the right poster
#53 promised to put it back out on the 3rd... nothing yet.
#55 NO idea what's up there, note card to owner, nothing yet.
#59 - I sent a note card
#60 - Can't find, sent note card
#63 - sent a note card.
#64 is working for me.
#68 sent a note card

Now, I got two other messages, but as it was, it took me almost 3 hours to get most the note cards answered and the locations checked and note cards to the owners of the shops. So there are still two more that have NOT be answered.

In theirs, these also were broken (but remember, I have not checked these are contacted the owner... if they are working now, great, if not, be aware these may still not be working):

9 busy (told owner)
17 busy
28 busy
35 tp is MIA
39 busy
44 busy
48 failed treasure delevery
66 failed treasure delevery

# 12 Trixxy's shop - cant enter its adult site (This must be new and I will talk to owner as soon as I can)
# 35 Magia - cant find the shop (I tried this tonight and couldn't get there either, will try owner in morning)

Hope that all this helps you. I will try to get the rest fixed when I can.

If you have everything BUT the broken or missing shops, let me know. Send me a note card and I'll just mark them in the web site. Then you can get the bonus gifts.

Till then... Happy Hunting..... Oh boy! Glad my doc can't see the time! Started this post way back when I was working on the issues, and it's over 2 hours later. I should have been asleep by 1am, I've got another sleep study. It's 2:45 now! Oh no! No telling my docs! ;)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When It Rains... It Pours!

I had on the sidebar that #24 was down. OOPS! Sorry! It was #4 (Jasalicious Jewellery)!

And it seems that #50 (Brocade Tiger) is set to BUSY.. AND they have the WRONG poster up.

And #53 (DivaLicious) is GONE!

And # 55 (Bleeding Rose Designs) says NO PARCEL, can't tp to it.

It's so near the end, that if there are problems with ANY place you can't get to, or can't touch, just send me a note card and I'll set your KEY in the database as to "YES" you got the gift, so that you have no problem finishing the hunt. Please list which shops, and the reason, so that I can also contact the owners.

.... On an ironic note... got a note card today saying "Yes! You did it!"... telling me to relax... I could hug that person to pieces for being so sweet. They follow the blog and know what a headache and a half I've had with this hunt. But it looks like getting the bonus area out is NOT the end. Until everyone puts things away (all but bonus area) after the 14th, there will be plenty of headaches to come. :(

Happy Hunting!

Monday, September 7, 2009

#54 STILL missing

#54 - DivaLicious PROMISED me a few days ago that she would put the gift back out. It still is not out. I can't force someone to do it. But I will be sure not to let them into another hunt if they can't keep up with one because they are listed with 8.

If she does NOT put it out within the day, I will just delete her store completely from the hunt and then people won't have a problem getting the final gifts. Until then, if you need it, let me know and I'll re-set your name in the web site to show you getting it, so you can get the final bonus gifts.


YES! I figured it out! The tech support guys were stupid and didn't help at all! But I figured it out! And so everything is working again. Come on over!

We Are Currently Experiancing Problems

It seems that the web site is down. Or having problems. It is refusing to give the gifts. I'm calling them now. If they are in the office today. :(


YES! The bonus area is OPEN!

I waited as long as I could for the final 20 shops that promised to put gifts out but never contacted me.

Come back to the #1 location and go to the back of the shop, there is a big blue box. Click the box and it will check if you got all the shops done.

If you have, it will give you a HUD. Use the teleporter right next to the box to get up to the bonus area.

There are over 31 shops up there, walk alllllll around the area as some you have to walk near for it to rez. I will be posting here each shop that was so kind as to keep their word, and the few that even said no but now put a bonus gift out, sometime tomorrow.

If you do NOT get the hud, it says you don't have all the shops, but you think you should, contact me. I will check which shops you are missing.

Hunters... if you haven't finished the hunt, you have a week still. So try to finish, because some of the gifts go hand in hand with the bonus gifts. Like I know that the matching shoes for the dress by April's Vampire Funhouse are in the bonus box. So now is the time to finish the hunt.

And most of all... have fun!

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Almost There

One of the vendors asked me to wait till they got on to put their bonus gift up and open the area.

She JUST got on. I can't wait any longer, my doctor would be PISSED if he knew I'd back tracked on my sleeping because of the new meds I'm on.

So everyone will have to wait a few more hours. Sorry. I'll get it open in the morning, well it's morning now, so around noon.

God willing.... ;)

I will give you the good news that waiting the extra day put several more gifts in. Now we are up to 31 bonus gifts. Not as many as promised to begin with, and yes, I'm highly disappointed in those that promised then didn't even tell me why they weren't going to do it. But am greatful that with all the problems, those 28 followed through and the other 3 who said NO to begin with came up with gifts. I'll be listing them all here when it's open.

Till then... Happy Hunting!

Friday, September 4, 2009

UPDATE - Bonus Area - Missing Umbrellas


I had planned to get the bonus area up within the next half hour. But I have been helping get Jasmine Princess's umbrella's and bonus gifts out. She still is MIA, so must not have her computer fixed yet. But between MissMag and I we were able to find a few things she'd given us that she made that we could then put in the umbrella and the bonus gifts. However, not all of them are ready.

#2 - Princess Jasmine's Designs is up. The umbrella has been moved to her smaller shop.

#3 - Crimson Immortal Art is also up. :)

#4 - Jasalicious Jewellery is NOT up right now.

#24 - Jazzy Jestures - is also up.

#25 - Crimson Desire Vampire Supplies - is up.

One other that is getting put back up #53, it will be checked again in the morning as she told me she was putting it all back out.

Now... I promised to put the bonus area up by midnight, but I am in far too much pain. I have been helping all the above shops move their umbrellas and get their bonus stuff up. So I have to postpone till Saturday afternoon. I'm supposed to get up and go to church, but unless this pain lessens, I may not make it.

Sorry for the delay, but GOT to lay down. That is giving a few more to get their bonus gifts out. I know I said over half (35+) had said they would do it, and in fact 50 said they would... but so far, only around 25 are out. Sorry, I've hounded the rest for over a week.... But there ARE some very GREAT bonus gifts out. Thanks to all those that kept their word. :)

Till then... Happy Hunting!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

4 Shops Have To Move

The Crimson Desire Mall had to shut down. You have a few minutes before they close it completely. I'm moving those shops into a temp location. But one of the owners, Jasmine Princess, is not around right now. So her gift will change to something she gave me before. So best to get the gift now while you can. :)

The shop numbers are 2,3,24,&25.

I will get them set up as soon as I can at AmberMyst.

Bonus Area Update

I just spent the last hour in-world trying to reach everyone that has NOT put a gift out. We have some of them out, about half of those promised, and just need to get the rest out.

Once we get the rest out, I will open it up. I had hoped to have it open by Monday, but here it is already Wednesday and I haven't been able to reach everyone who promised a gift.

As promised, I WILL have the area open for a month, regardless of when. So, don't worry, there are some GREAT gifts for those that complete the hunt. ;)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dog Sick - Update

I haven't been able to get on today, my dog is VERY VERY sick. But I wanted to give you an update.

Last time I was on, several of the helpers were contacting those that hadn't gotten their bonus gifts out.

I will be on by afternoon tomorrow. HOPEFULLY all the gifts will be out and I can then open up the Bonus Area.

I will let everyone know SOON. Thank you.

Happy Hunting!

NO 35. Magia ( Moving)

Just got note from Myspirits Indigo , that they are moving so please use the slurl below to get to their store

thank you :)

No. 42 is repaired

Just message from Embyr and no 42 has been repaired. Those that didn't get the gift from there can come back and get it now :)