Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Got The Scripts but...

Got the scripts, but it's not working. I spent the last 6 hours trying to get them to work. Nope! 90% works, but I can only get one gift per bag, so gotta find out what is wrong... or quit on it.

I say quit cause we are in week two and I'm pulling my hair out. Haven't gotten things done around the house, haven't gotten new stuff for my place, have spent hours staring at these scripts that look like a foreign language to me.

So... I have one more mail out to the scripter... and I have a friend who is trying to fix something for me so that we can set these scripts out. She had to go to bed, early morning... but when she gets on tomorrow she will test it. She thinks she has it working. If she does, GREAT! I just wasted 6 hours. BUT if she can't... maybe I'll get an answer from the scripter as to why it's not working now when it did before.

Night...... Happy Hunting!

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