Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You Got A What????

"I'm trying to get a gift, and I keep getting a busy signal. What do I do?"

I have gotten a LOT of note cards like this today. In fact a TON of them.

First off, if a place is "BUSY". Send the owner a note card, before you contact me, because the owner is the one that must re-set the script. Then if you can't get them within a day or so, let me know.

There are still some missing or broken. People are worried about not getting the bonus gifts. The bonus gifts will be out LONGER then the hunt. So if you get to the end, and have only broken ones left, I will make sure that you get the bonus gifts. It's not your fault, you went there, they just weren't working.

I have no clue why they are not working right now. But I can tell you that leaving me a note card sometimes will take longer, because then I have to leave a note with the owner and in the mean time you might have caught them online. ;) So try them first.

Here is the current list:
#4, I will put out in the morning.
#50, I sent a note card to, they don't even have the right poster
#53 promised to put it back out on the 3rd... nothing yet.
#55 NO idea what's up there, note card to owner, nothing yet.
#59 - I sent a note card
#60 - Can't find, sent note card
#63 - sent a note card.
#64 is working for me.
#68 sent a note card

Now, I got two other messages, but as it was, it took me almost 3 hours to get most the note cards answered and the locations checked and note cards to the owners of the shops. So there are still two more that have NOT be answered.

In theirs, these also were broken (but remember, I have not checked these are contacted the owner... if they are working now, great, if not, be aware these may still not be working):

9 busy (told owner)
17 busy
28 busy
35 tp is MIA
39 busy
44 busy
48 failed treasure delevery
66 failed treasure delevery

# 12 Trixxy's shop - cant enter its adult site (This must be new and I will talk to owner as soon as I can)
# 35 Magia - cant find the shop (I tried this tonight and couldn't get there either, will try owner in morning)

Hope that all this helps you. I will try to get the rest fixed when I can.

If you have everything BUT the broken or missing shops, let me know. Send me a note card and I'll just mark them in the web site. Then you can get the bonus gifts.

Till then... Happy Hunting..... Oh boy! Glad my doc can't see the time! Started this post way back when I was working on the issues, and it's over 2 hours later. I should have been asleep by 1am, I've got another sleep study. It's 2:45 now! Oh no! No telling my docs! ;)

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