Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hmmm.. Guess My Few Minutes Took Longer..

Why? Because no sooner did I get in-world and looking at my note cards that I started to regret my past post. In it I was being honest, I let you all know why I did what I did, why I said what I said. It was in no way my fault that Jodie decided to tell me she's put it back out RIGHT THEN, then not do it. Yes, I know there is a real life out there. I know that real life can take over second life even when we don't want it to. But it is rude and uncalled for to tell someone you are going to do something "now," when in all honesty you mean "when I can get to it". Not to mention an out and out lie.

If you DO tell someone you are going to do something right now, only you meant "later", and God forbid, something happens and you can't get online to do it, don't be pissed if the someone you made the promise to gets upset. You said "now", it wasn't done "now", nor meant to be done "now", so what are they to think?

No matter what was said, the core of this is not that she promised me then didn't do it, it is that when I found out what was going on, I honestly, and from the bottom of my heart, said I was sorry for the misunderstanding. But it was a useless appology, one that I didn't know at the time I wrote it would never be read by her. Because when I got in-world, I found out she'd already done quite a few things, all from things she had "heard" was on the blog. Even if she'd waited to get a clarification of what was going on, she'd not have read the blog, she was all going on what someone else had read and told her.

Her actions shocked me.

First she sicked a "friend" on me, sending me a VERY nasty, untrue note that had this person going off of what 'someone said they read' on this blog.

Then she sent me a note that was also very nasty and, like her friend said, "unprofessional".

Now, normally I do not air my dirty laundry for all the public to see. And even though these letters that were sent were very VERY uncalled for and VERY mean and rude and basically just vile filth meant to try to hurt me in some way, I won't post them here.

But I will post that she made me instantly regret my other post. And I will post her threat.

Yes, it would seem that Jodie, the owner of DivaLicous, has threatened me personally. Of course she didn't say WHAT she was going to do. But she did threaten me that this was far from over, when it basically was over the instant she pulled out of the hunt.

WHY she is threatening me is as stupid as the threat.

It's all over a post that I made not too long ago. In that post I stated: #54 - DivaLicious PROMISED me a few days ago that she would put the gift back out. It still is not out. I can't force someone to do it. But I will be sure not to let them into another hunt if they can't keep up with one because they are listed with 8.

For those unsure why she took offence to this, I'll break it into the 3 parts of the post.

The first part said that she had promised to do something, but she hadn't.

The second part said that I can't force people to do it, it meaning put things out. I made that statement because by the time I posted this I'd gotten a TON of note cards complaining about it not being there.

The third part said that I would be sure to not let anyone into another hunt that can't keep up with my hunt because they are listed with 8 other hunts.

No where in that sentence do I say I won't let HER into another hunt. Or do I say that no one ELSE should let HER into their hunt. It is a blank statement of how I will be more careful in the future to make sure that ANYONE unable to keep up with my hunt, will not be allowed in another of my hunts. You have to read the whole paragragh, the part where I say "I can't force SOMEONE" then say "I won't let THEM", not pick and choose the sentances you want to read. And i
t seems that people were reading it and incerting her name.

If her actions make them think I meant her, not my fault.

Though I won't lie, I was thinking of her when I wrote it, her and anyone like her who kept ignoring messages and notices and my hard work and the hard work of the helpers. All of which did this for no pay.

I had a helper trying to reach her all the time. They left messages REPEATEDLY. I left messages. We had to message her repeatedly over several days, before I finally got the reply that she was so bogged down because she was in 8 hunts at the time that she didn't even notice that the hunt wasn't over and that she'd put it all out right now.

From that statement I assumed she meant NOW, as in as soon as she dropped the notecard into my inventory that she'd go do it. This was 3 days after she took them udown So when a week went by with no action at all, I had no choice but to assume she wasn't going to fix it.

Out of all this, out of all that happened, the one thing that I do NOT understand is how she could look at the poster with HUGE red words saying "EXTENDED till Sep. 14th" and delete it. Not to mention it was NEVER the 1st when it ended.

Honestly, I wouldn't even be writing this entry if she hadn't threatened me. I'd have said my appology, and gotten on with my life. But I worked my ass off for this hunt, I went without sleep, I woke up with headaches, I didn't get MY store in order or get anything new done in my sim because I was always trying to make this hunt the best it could be.

So many times I just wanted to toss in the towel and just walk away. "It's only a hunt", people would tell me. "Your health means more," or "It doesn't matter if they have to wait to get #whatever fixed," were other statements I got. From day one you all have seen the problems I've had, I haven't sugar coated it. And no matter the problem, I worked through it. I kept working at it till it worked or I dropped. Not to be praised, not for any "thank you", and no, not for the entrance fee, which went to pay the scripter, not me. No, I did it because I wanted people to enjoy it. I wanted to have a hunt that people would WANT to finish. One that when they got to the end they were like "WOW! That was fun!"

I've gotten a few of those comments I've gotten a few note cards thanking me and the crew. But more then that I've gotten HUGE headaches because some of the shop owners refused to read the notices and refused to answer the IMs or the note cards and because the scripter didn't get the scripts done in time, and then they kept breaking, and never got the final ones done (a friend fixed those for me, thank God!), and then as the whole thing was going to end... just when I thought smooth sailing, the bonus area was open, everything iwasworking... my domain suddenly had problems and we had even more scripting issues.

I've laid my soul out in this blog, not for pitty or for applause. I've done it so that you know the truth behind what happened, and what might happen. Because of her threat, I have a sinking feeling that sooner or later, things will be said. People like that, that threaten like that, always start something. And I won't have lies coming out first, so that people see that then look to me to defend myself. I'll defend myself now, before any of her lies or hate gets around. Because I am a good person and I don't deserve to be lied about.

So, to those people that messaged me about what you "heard" I wrote about.. maybe this time you will read it yourself before you start spouting out your bile at me.

And for Jodie, as you can see, I don't take threats lightly. I have done nothing wrong. And if YOU would read the blog like you agreed to when you applied for the hunt, maybe then you would see that what you think was said and what WAS said are two different things.
But you may never even read this, because it seems that you don't remember the application. Or did you not read the application either? It said clearly to keep an eye on the blog for important information, something you haven't been doing or you'd have known that the hunt didn't end the first... but then reading the sign you deleted would have told you that too.

To the rest of you.... forgive me if I sound cold or hard or pissed off or mad or just plain out and out like a mean person. I'm sitting here in PAIN right now because I wasn't going to let a threat go unanswered, and the pain tends to make me short sometimes. I just couldn't get to sleep knowing that someone out there was about ready to do something or say something bad about me when I'd done nothing wrong.

Good night..... I'll update the broken ones and stuff tomorrow night, or afternoon, sometime after church. If I don't get sleep now I'll never make it to church and right now I really REALLY need to feel loved, and that is one place I always feel loved. It doesn't matter if I do mess up, as long as I say I'm sorry, and I try to do better next time, I'm forgiven and I'm loved. It's what we all need from time to time. There is just too much hate in this world. Too many people out to make our lives miserable and rotten, make us feel like we don't matter, that what we do for others goes un-noticed, or that we just don't count.

We all count. We all matter. Even those threatening us or trying to make our lives a living hell. Even they count. No matter how vile they are. We all can fall. It's what we do when we fall that will show who we are, will mold who we become.... And who we look to.... Good night, Sweet Dreams...


  1. Don't be so worried! This was a funny and very well organized hunt. And a lucky one too: because of it, I visited "Love My Textures" store, and today I won L$ 250 for adding the location to my profile picks! Wow, this was the first *random prize* I won on SL! :D

  2. Thanks, Lill! ;) As you can see from the past many posts... I tend to worry way too much. *LOL* I'm really glad that you got a bonus for running around this hunt! ;)