Monday, September 7, 2009


YES! The bonus area is OPEN!

I waited as long as I could for the final 20 shops that promised to put gifts out but never contacted me.

Come back to the #1 location and go to the back of the shop, there is a big blue box. Click the box and it will check if you got all the shops done.

If you have, it will give you a HUD. Use the teleporter right next to the box to get up to the bonus area.

There are over 31 shops up there, walk alllllll around the area as some you have to walk near for it to rez. I will be posting here each shop that was so kind as to keep their word, and the few that even said no but now put a bonus gift out, sometime tomorrow.

If you do NOT get the hud, it says you don't have all the shops, but you think you should, contact me. I will check which shops you are missing.

Hunters... if you haven't finished the hunt, you have a week still. So try to finish, because some of the gifts go hand in hand with the bonus gifts. Like I know that the matching shoes for the dress by April's Vampire Funhouse are in the bonus box. So now is the time to finish the hunt.

And most of all... have fun!

Happy Hunting!

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