Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been in world now for over 7 hours. I had to be there to get my tier paid, and I won't go into it, but since sales were next to non existent this month, no time to make new stock till recently, I had to try to get the funds from my bank card... Long story short, I was on the phone with Linden Labs forEVER yesterday and today trying to get my info to be accepted and in the end finally got enough Lindens to cover it. That took 3 hours today, and the rest of the time I've spent dealing with the hunt. And the problems.

Seems we have a shop that has yet to put their gift back out. #53 Divalious is STILL not out. They took it back on the 1st, and it was NEVER the 1st, then when I talked to them they promised on the 3rd to put it back. It's still gone. So I will figure something out.

Now we all know the problems the domain has had. In fact, I've had nothing but one problem after another. But I've been here, as much as physically possible, and beyond, trying to get solutions to those problems. Today a shop pulled out because they didn't like how things kept breaking. #20 -Bootiful Creations gave me a message that they were putting it inside, they were tired of the IM being capped, and tired of things breaking.

As you also know, I have had NO control over the breaks this last week. Something happened on my domain, they went down, or did an upgrade or SOMETHING, I spent HOURS with that tech support and still I was the one that fixed it by re-setting all the scripts on the web site.

Now for some reason many of them keep going to BUSY again. When this was fixed at the begining of the hunt, the scripter fixed something in the script and everything worked. However, Bizet has flown the coup. She is no more. I was able to get a couple short replies from her, but she's done as far as she's concerned with the scripts. So I'm on my own. Luckily Cammi fixed the bonus hud, or that would have been a mess!

.... Now I'm out of Second Life, but I'll be back tonight MAYBE. I have to go to a sleep study tonight. I have to leave EARLY because it's an hour drive. I WILL get to the note cards, I promise. It came down to those talking to me while I was online got handeled. And the note cards didn't get touched, because after dealing with LL, then some shop owners, I had some hunters IMing me....

The ones that are broken, I will figure something out... just give me tonight to find something out. Thanks.