Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The hunt is OVER!


If you got all of them but the few that have been having problems, send me a note card titled: SFH - {Your Name} - I tried to finish

Example: SFH - Tiea Aeon - I tried to finish


Simple, the BONUS Area will be OPEN for at LEAST 2 more weeks so that those that tried to finish, and those that had to go on business trips before the Bonus Area got put out, get a chance at the over 30 gifts that some great shop owners put out!

I was unable to get on yesterday due to personal reasons, and I have to run now too, but wanted to get this out so that those keeping an eye on the blog know what to do next.

What IS next? Well... the next hunt isn't till Jan. I'll put a link here when I get that site up... That is, if I go ahead with the promised Winter hunt... we will see... ;)

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