Saturday, September 12, 2009

Known Missing Shops

These are the KNOWN shops that have pulled out or are missing. If you need them, they are set up here and have a special gift from AmberMyst Botanical Designs. Just look at the ones on the wall of the shop. Right now there are 4 in a row. (Just added 13 & 68 to this list, so will add them to the wall as soon as I can)

#13 - Divine Shapes - GONE no word why or what wis going on.
#20 - Bootiful Creations - Backed out, due to things breaking too much
#53 -DivaLicious - Backed out, due to personal reasons
#55 -Bleeding Rose Designs - MISSING
#60 -Xeena's Garden Centre - Backed out, can't handle the notecards
#68 -Can't find it, gonna set up temp tomorrow if no contact by then.

As most know, today was my Sabbath, so I didn't have as much time inworld as I hoped. However, I did get a note card from someone with a few more MIA ones. I have a friend who will go to EVERY ONE in the morning and we will report here the ones missing.

For those that don't know, DragonLady, Enzo's, Jasmine's, Crimson, all have more then one umbrella. So if you get sent there again, that's because there is another one there.

If you have shop issues, send me a note card. I'm doing what I can.

Goodnight and Happy Hunting

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