Sunday, September 6, 2009

Almost There

One of the vendors asked me to wait till they got on to put their bonus gift up and open the area.

She JUST got on. I can't wait any longer, my doctor would be PISSED if he knew I'd back tracked on my sleeping because of the new meds I'm on.

So everyone will have to wait a few more hours. Sorry. I'll get it open in the morning, well it's morning now, so around noon.

God willing.... ;)

I will give you the good news that waiting the extra day put several more gifts in. Now we are up to 31 bonus gifts. Not as many as promised to begin with, and yes, I'm highly disappointed in those that promised then didn't even tell me why they weren't going to do it. But am greatful that with all the problems, those 28 followed through and the other 3 who said NO to begin with came up with gifts. I'll be listing them all here when it's open.

Till then... Happy Hunting!

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