Friday, September 11, 2009

And Now For Something Else...

I am lucky that I have some really great friends who offered to help in the hunt. I took a few minutes tonight to look at my e-mails, to see if there was something important in the IMs I got today while I was away and saw a few new things.

One was the below item.

Two was the fact that Yasmine has been going around to all the shops I've noted and checking to see which ones are working and which ones aren't. She also checked several others.
Here is her report:
number 63 - roaddogg's racing shop and paint .... found the umbrella ... seems to be working fine
number 59 .... I found the umbrella ... seems to be working fine

I also got a message from one of the hunters who was having issues with a lot of the shops. She let me know that most are working now. So the owners must have re-set them. I've asked them all to check them once a day to make sure that they aren't "busy" and if they are, to re-set the scripts.

So, remember, if you get a busy signal, leave the owner a message and I'm sure they will re-set them as soon as they can.

One last sad note. I got several messages from #20 -Bootiful Creations this morning. The first said that she confused the SFH hunt with another hunt. She also said she was really sorry, she hoped it could get worked out. Then I got another message saying she'd read the notices in the group and she'd stay out of the hunt. Then a third saying she'd read the blog and that she hadn't said what I put, that I was to delete it. To be totally honest, I'm totally confused about all the messages. I tried last night to work it out with her and it wasn't until she logged out without answering my last IM asking what exactly she meant, that I needed to know if she was pulling out or not, that I went to her shop to find see if I could find the umbrella. Like she said, she'd put the poster in the shop, but I couldn't find the umbrella. I happen to have this little wand that will help me find them, it was made by the scripter who did the scripts, it seeks those scripts out, and it could only find the umbrella next door, not one in her shop. So all I could assume was that she had pulled out, like she told me she was going to do. Well now after all these messages, I went there and even the poster is gone. I have NO IDEA what is going on. I'm sorry, I'm totally lost. I am leaving another note card for her in hopes of getting this fixed one way or the other. She is more then welcome to stay in the hunt if she wishes. I only said she was "out" because SHE said she was pulling out. That she was tired of things being broken. If she wants back in, I will post it here. If she doesn't, I will post here a place where you can go to touch an umbrella that will at least register the shop.

So... I think I better go in-world for a couple minutes, but then I HAVE to head to bed, I'm in a lot of pain.

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