Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When It Rains... It Pours!

I had on the sidebar that #24 was down. OOPS! Sorry! It was #4 (Jasalicious Jewellery)!

And it seems that #50 (Brocade Tiger) is set to BUSY.. AND they have the WRONG poster up.

And #53 (DivaLicious) is GONE!

And # 55 (Bleeding Rose Designs) says NO PARCEL, can't tp to it.

It's so near the end, that if there are problems with ANY place you can't get to, or can't touch, just send me a note card and I'll set your KEY in the database as to "YES" you got the gift, so that you have no problem finishing the hunt. Please list which shops, and the reason, so that I can also contact the owners.

.... On an ironic note... got a note card today saying "Yes! You did it!"... telling me to relax... I could hug that person to pieces for being so sweet. They follow the blog and know what a headache and a half I've had with this hunt. But it looks like getting the bonus area out is NOT the end. Until everyone puts things away (all but bonus area) after the 14th, there will be plenty of headaches to come. :(

Happy Hunting!

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