Friday, September 4, 2009

UPDATE - Bonus Area - Missing Umbrellas


I had planned to get the bonus area up within the next half hour. But I have been helping get Jasmine Princess's umbrella's and bonus gifts out. She still is MIA, so must not have her computer fixed yet. But between MissMag and I we were able to find a few things she'd given us that she made that we could then put in the umbrella and the bonus gifts. However, not all of them are ready.

#2 - Princess Jasmine's Designs is up. The umbrella has been moved to her smaller shop.

#3 - Crimson Immortal Art is also up. :)

#4 - Jasalicious Jewellery is NOT up right now.

#24 - Jazzy Jestures - is also up.

#25 - Crimson Desire Vampire Supplies - is up.

One other that is getting put back up #53, it will be checked again in the morning as she told me she was putting it all back out.

Now... I promised to put the bonus area up by midnight, but I am in far too much pain. I have been helping all the above shops move their umbrellas and get their bonus stuff up. So I have to postpone till Saturday afternoon. I'm supposed to get up and go to church, but unless this pain lessens, I may not make it.

Sorry for the delay, but GOT to lay down. That is giving a few more to get their bonus gifts out. I know I said over half (35+) had said they would do it, and in fact 50 said they would... but so far, only around 25 are out. Sorry, I've hounded the rest for over a week.... But there ARE some very GREAT bonus gifts out. Thanks to all those that kept their word. :)

Till then... Happy Hunting!

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