Friday, July 31, 2009

On For A Few Hours

As I've told my vendors before... Keep track of the blog. ;)

Because... I have been unable to get online for days now. I won't go into the details, but the main one that stopped me from doing anything last night was the shot I got of steriods into the muscle connecting my shoulder and arm. It felt like he hit a nerve, but there was novicane that soon numbed it. Until later that is. Within a few hours even my morhpine wouldn't help. I could almost double the dose and it wasn't TOUCHING the pain. Worste part... it was in my right shoulder. I couldn't type, or write or anything, much less move it. It's been bad, real bad. And the doctor I saw today only helped make me now able to move it, hours later as the stuff HE injected into my shoulder started working.

So... I'm here. For a couple hours. But not on my computer, on my mom's laptop. This makes it hard, as I can't read my mail. But I will be logging into SL and trying to do what I can from there. I have a sleep study tonight, that I have to leave for in a few hours. But before I go, I'm involved in another hunt and I need to get a gift ready and put out before I go. I hope I can do it fast on a computer I'm not used to. ;)

The good news... Once the sleep study is done in the morning, I'll be back home before noon and I can get online then and spend the whole day, well what is left of it. And Sunday. So that we can get things all settled and ready.

Talk to you all soon! Keep up the good work!

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