Friday, July 17, 2009

The List Is Almost DONE!

Okay, folks! I have been working now for 8 hours trying to make sure that I've found and looked at all the vendors who applied. Not 8 straight hours as I have a dog that demands to be taken out or she'll pee the floor, when SHE wants to. ;) And cats that do the same. And cats that want fed, and a dog that wanted fed and ... you get the picture. But for at least 6 of the 8 hours it was nothing more then working on the list of who's in and who isn't and writing to ones who I needed to question....

Oh and the biggest drawback? SL keeps crashing! So, the list will be worked on more today. I'm calling it a night for now. If you have NOT heard from me by the time I post the list here, you need to contact me. I got a note from a shop today asking why I hadn't contacted them and I found out because they didn't name their note card correctly and therefore it got lost in the MANY MANY ones I get each night from shops. It only had a shop name, and that just makes me think it's another update and I can't always check them all the time. So remember, it MUST have SUMMER FUN HUNT in the title or it may get overlooked by accident.

Till later...

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