Friday, July 17, 2009

A Change In Plans Regarding The Hunt

Someone just brought something up to me. How are they to give me the final gift? Will they need to give it to me full perm or trans or what, so that it could be put into the final big box? And it got me to thinking...

Here is how it will work.

A hunter will go around and touch each gift. As they do, it will register with the HUD that they touched that gift and got ONE COPY of it. The hud will also tell them the last gift they touched, for those doing it over the course of more then one day.

Then when they get to the final gift, ONLY if they have touched ALL of the gifts will this final gift be given to them. ONLY if every one is touched. Even missing one will make it so that you can't open that final gift.

Inside this final gift will be a new hud and a new location. The hunter will have to wear the NEW hud in order to be able to open all the gifts that will be laid out in a special room. So far about half the shops have agreed to supply another gift for the end of the hunt, for those that finish the whole thing.

If someone gets to the final gift but hasn't touched them all, it won't open.

If someone tells a friend where the final location is, and they go to that special room and start to drool and touch all the gifts... it won't work because they will not have that final hud. The ONLY way they will be able to open all the special gifts, is if they have gotten a new hud, and the only way to get the new hud will be to have gotten ALL the gifts.

Hope this answers some of your questions. :)

Happy Hunting!


  1. I just hope, Tiea, that all we vendors keep the above rules in mind when we select hiding places. I have done hunts which are organised in this way and become very frustrated when I have found say 17/18 items, and the last item I just cannot find.
    Often I have left that hunt and returned to one that is more immediately rewarding, where the prizes are available as soon as I find the item sought. As a consolation could prizes be available every so many stops, as an incentive to keep going?
    From my expenice of Hud-counted hunts, I hazard a guess that could be built in.
    Just my two cents worth - as an avatar addicted to hunting.
    fivesinger Zenovka (Juliannasong)

  2. Sorry about that, just saw this comment. I'll address it in the main blog.

  3. We finished the hunt - my friend and I both - our huds say 70 of 70 - we got to 73 and there is no hud in the prize. Called everyone on your list and spoke to the group in world and no-one knows what to do????

  4. Bliss, there are a few that haven't registered. As soon as they do, then we can finally "finish" the hunt. The hud doesn't count right. ;) Keep an eye on the blog.