Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lists to be finished tonight!

Sorry about the delay in getting the list. I had a doctor's visit the other day and he started me on some new meds that were supposed to help me. Instead of helping me, they made me sleep most of the time the last 3 days. I'm upset because it wasn't supposed to cause sleep but get me out of the funk the morphine causes me to be in most the time. Apparently because of the amount of morphine I have to take, it is pretty high, the amount of stimulant to bring me out of the funk that I live in has to be pretty high. High enough that I don't have the right dose. I kept sleeping, couldn't keep my eyes open this afternoon. The whole thing pretty much sucks. It doesn't matter how much I want to do this hunt, my body isn't letting me. I did try to reach him on Friday, but he'd already closed his office (early on Friday) by the time I was able to wake up. So.... I have seriously thought about pulling out of the hunt. But I have been asked not to. So I am going to keep going. Just please be patient with me.

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