Saturday, June 13, 2009

What If I've Been Banned?

I got an interesting note card a few minutes ago.  It asked the question about what if someone is banned from a sim.  They had gotten banned from a sim only because they knew and ex-girlfriend of one of the sim owners.  Now, we don't know if this sim is in the hunt, but it is a good question.

So... here is my solution.

Should someone be banned from a sim, continue with the hunt.  The SLURLs will be posted here, like last time, so that you can get to the next one if you get stuck.  Then when you are done, all but for the banned one, contact me, or one of the helpers, via note card (make sure to put clearly what it's about in the title), we will verify you are banned from that sim, then we will set up a time for you to come and touch the missing gifts.

At this time I can't promise that the boxes you touch for the missing/banned sim will have the gifts, but they will register with your HUD that you went to that location and got the gift, thus unlocking the final gift.

And if worse comes to worse I can just give you the final gift.  

But I want to assure you that should you be banned from a store for some reason, I will not penalize you for it.  You will have the chance to get the final gift as long as you have touched all the other ones except for the banned one.

Hopefully this won't happen with the shops on our hunt, but should it, you can now hunt with the assurance that you won't be cheated out of the final gift.

Happy Hunting!

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