Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BIG BIG Changes!

Well it is official.  This hunt is going to be so much more then the last one!

I have contracted with a scripter to make a very special hud.  This is going to cost me quite a bit, so in order to do this, I will have to charge the stores who are going to be in the hunt a small entrance fee.  It was either that or charge the hunters and from all I've heard back, the shops rather have the hunt free, or semi free at least, and pay a little, then have the hunters charged a lot (like other hunts) to defer the cost of the scripting.

What is special and new about this?

Here is how the hunt will work.  Everyone in the hunt will get a special box.  These boxes will hand out only ONE TIME to the people who touch it.  

The hunters will buy a hud.  This hud MUST be worn while they are hunting, because it will talk to each box.  As they go around and touch each box, getting gifts and LMs to the next spot, it will register with the hud that they have gotten that box.  Each time they get one, they get closer to unlocking the final box.  The final box will ONLY open if they have touched each box before it.  There will be no way that they can unlock that last box unless they have touched every single box.

Due to the fact that some vendors like to hide their boxes really REALLY good, there will be one little rule.  It is one I had before that people didn't listen to, that will NOT be left alone on this one.  That is they can NOT hide the box so that it takes more then 15 minutes to find it.  And if I get complaints in the chat or via card about any box being too hard to find, over and over, that person will be asked to move the box to a more easily accessible place.

What is so special about the last box?  In it it will have more boxes, special gifts that ONLY if you finish the WHOLE hunt will you get.  These will be SPECIAL items donated from different shops along the way.  I can not say how many, I hope everyone gives one special gift as a special prize to those that touch every single box, but I can't promise that. I can only promise it will be a lot. 

Because of the way that this hunt is being done, and the hard work my scripter is going to have to do for it, it will definitely not be on till August.  I am making the poster up this week and handing it out to those that are willing to join in the hunt.

Some might be thinking, "Hey! I saw a hunt like this already!"  And in answer to that I can only say yes and no.  Yes, it was similar.  The hunt that you are thinking of did say that if you went through the whole hunt you would get a special box to a special location with a lot of gifts only for those that completed the hunt.  I went into it thinking that I had to complete the hunt to be able to get them.  Only after I got the special box with the special location, went and got the gifts did I realize that I had missed 4 locations by accident.  Since I paid $250L to get into this hunt, I hurried to get those last 4 locations gifts.  But in the end it showed me that all I had had to know was the final location.  That being said, when I decided on a similar hunt, I decided that I would make sure that the hunters had to go to all the locations, or the final gift would NOT open up.  So that it was indeed a hunt where they had to touch each and every box.  Something a vendor would want to be involved in.

I hope that in the end, everyone has fun on this hunt.  I hope that in the end, it is a joy to the vendors and the hunters.  If you have a shop and you would like to be considered, drop me a note card (my IMs get capped) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  Also, keep an eye out here. In the next week I will post an entry form.

Till then... Happy Hunting in whatever hunt you are currently having fun with!

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